Sunday 19 February 2023

Home repairs

It's that time of year to check out and clean nesting boxes, if you didn't do it previously! I cleaned out the wren boxes in the fall, as well as the bluebird box, which I took down. I ought to refinish it. Non-mental note!

The design of the blue bird nesting box is amazing, with a plastic piece to keep in debris nesting material on one side for easy viewing! The other side doesn't have the plastic, and you can easily clean it out from that side. The House Wrens took it over last year. It was great!


I made a mistake! I should have fixed the wood duck nesting box before we rehung it. I forgot about the falling flap, which is supposed to keep the bedding material (wood shavings) inside the box. This is the old set up.

First I tried bark, then after tromping up and down from the location, I remembered to cut a piece of wood to keep in the nesting materials.

The newer boxes (below, left) have a lip, with a shorter door. The oldest one, this one, was built with no lip and the door closes.

Having cut a piece of wood to snugly insert, it is no longer staying in firmly with a nudge. I'd need a hinge, or eye hooks. You can see the little grooves, whereby the ducklings run up the wall and fling themselves out onto the ground to see Mama.

I gathered my tools. 

Hauling it all down there on the sled, I was hoping I've thought of everything. 
The wetland is thawing nicely.

The box is a wreck, the wood has bowed.

I worked out a couple of strategies, but finally landed on the notion of a hinge. I was going to put in a little hook and eye, but realized that might prevent the wood piece from opening to clean it. When the door closes, it keeps the piece in place. There is a screw that secures the door. I had to put in a longer one, since the warping extended the gap.

After stretching up, and failing, I hauled myself back to the garage to fetch the ladder. Clover watched over my tools (those raccoons will play with anything!), but didn't she help otherwise.

I covered it with the tin, stapled firmly, hoping it will hold up for this year. I'm fairly certain our bears can get at it.   

When I made it back to the house, after going up and down the ladder ~10 times, I could feel it in my legs! That was a marathon.  


Barbara Rogers said...

Isn't it amazing how different muscles are used to climb up and down? I remember hiking taught me that quickly. Good that the wood ducks have a cozy home...and all that wonderful exercise for you!

Christine said...

A job well done!

RedPat said...

That is a lot of hard work out in the cold.

Nancy J said...

DIY takes on a whole new aspect out there. A hinge, this is indeed a home fit for a royal bird of any type!!!Well done, and a handy sled, that's maybe the only way to go when there is still so much snow.
All well with us, the Cyclone devastation is widespread in the Hawkes Bay Area, years and years to recover. I cannot look at the news any more, too sad and upsetting, so many have lost everything, every single thing.

Kay said...

You are absolutely awesome, Jenn. This is so much fun!

Olga said...

Spring cleaning!

Divers and Sundry said...

You are my hero. We don't have a single nesting box.