Sunday, 23 January 2022

King Henry the buck, You Two and cats

It's warmed up a tad (-10 C.)! That has been nice. That said, I went for a snowshoe Friday to fetch trailcam videos. By this time, in the afternoon, it had warmed up to -17 C., which was better than -33 C.!  It was exhausting in the knee-deep snow, even with snowshoes. I had to rest after a dozen or so paces. The snow is so deep! 

It is lovely, the snow. It wraps the land in a blanket that moderates the ground temperature. I am somewhat sore, after my short trek. I may do a longer trip today. 

You Two were down there in the forest. Particularly the doe. She was watching something carefully. It was delightful. I wondered what she was staring at, and then she bolted.

This is the trailcam beside the house. It yielded little of excitement! Here I am wearing my old yard duty coat. I am sure I bought it when I first was teaching in Ottawa in the 80s. It's a lovely warm coat and great in double-digit negative temperatures. 

This is the new trailcamera. I am getting used to it. 

King Henry dominates the feeder. He is majestic. 

I've moved this trailcam to a path I'd found the deer using that led from the forest to a path through the wetland. It's a different perspective and gave up a lot of action. Just skip through if it bores you, but I love watching them without interfering.

You Two in snow:

Running for some reason. I spliced together several videos. I couldn't figure out why they were running. Running deer : 

King Henry frequents this path! Buck : 

The front deck has been busy. We've about a dozen American tree sparrows. The cats are more interested in the squirrels, though. King Henry came for bird seed then helped himself to some water.

It's a popular place to sit when it is cold! 


Tom said...

...stay warm and well.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
These are fabulous images, Jenn - such a privilege to drop in on private lives! YAM xx

Penelope Notes said...

Deer bounding in the snow … what a wonderful sight!

Lowcarb team member said...

I think I will say similar to Tom.

Stay warm ...
Perhaps have some soup!

All the best Jan

Bindu said...

Those are beautiful! The cats have a nice spot to entertain themselves now.

Anvilcloud said...

Happy very cold Monday morning to you.

Jeanie said...

King Henry is really so very handsome. You are making the most of your trail camera and I'm glad the cats get their own fun!