Wednesday, 22 December 2021

🌿Variegated Monstera, deer, and a fire!

First, big news in the realm of worker protections. Kellogg's has settled with its workers. This is a relief. Yes, Red, Kellogg's is a US company, but they tend to start trends, usually negatively, and it spreads to Canadian companies, as a lot are -US-owned. The wage gaps and compensation packages between front line workers and CEOs are increasing.
From a Tweet

I had a text from Caitlin, in Ottawa, last night. Apparently, the transformer next door was on fire. They are campers and had lots of LED lights.

 They watched as Hydro crews arrived. It was decided to replace the transformer, but the pole was too damaged. They had to put the new transformer on their pole in their backyard. Two big trucks and a pick up truck were there. Great excitement! Then, the baby crane arrived. Ooh, I want one!

Seriously, so many work at night, in the dark to help out their fellow citizens.

As they worked, the girls were nibbling chips, noses pressed against the window, watching them work.
"This is better than a movie!"

The power came on after 10, but they were hunkered down by the pellet stove! What a pair! I miss them muchly.

Have you heard about these ? I heard the morning news at 5:30 a.m., and had to look it up. Look at the prices! They are being bought and flogged by social media influencers

OK, back to nature! I gathered myself up to go out and fetch trailcam memory cards. There was a friend under the bird feeder. He didn't seem too worried about me – must be a regular. I think he is half of our pair we call 'You Two!'

Sure enough, around the corner, there was mama at the feeder. He has little antler buds, in preparation for next year.

Putting out some deer food, they were grateful. Later on there was a group of 4 deer. I love to see them.

Poor bear did a face plant and lost an eyeball. Googly eyes. I'll have to find them. I've nearly cleaned out a lot of my crafting stuff, but surely I have another! It's raining today, so I may be able to find the old one as the snow melts.


Joseph Brian cannot have dairy, yeast or eggs. He usually has whole wheat wraps for 'sandwiches!' I decided to make myself some crescent rolls. You know – the Pillsbury ones. We don't have any yeast or eggs in the house, and I don't bake much. This is a quick and easy treat for me.  

🦃I think they look like Dave's Turkey. The second one was as bad as the first. If you haven't listened to the story, you should. It's a classic. Here it is on YouTube. I didn't do this! Honest. It looked like this when I unrolled them. They taste just fine!


Tom said...

...the Kellogg news is good to hear.

William Kendall said...

The deer are welcome.

We had a power outage last weekend, for about three quarters of an hour.

Nancy J said...

What we called " The Power Board Men" as they came to our farm when I was a child, to restore the power, Usually in the morning after a storm at night. Dad would have linked up the tractor PTO to the milking machine by then, they arrived in bright yellow raincoats, hard hats I guess, then Mum made them scrambled eggs and tea on the open fire.They were always so thankful after a long morning working in the dark. What excitement in Ottawa, much better to see it in real life, and a crane, how would Santa get that down your Chimney?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I agree, watching men at work like this is as good as any documentary on the telly! As for the monstera prices, ridiculous. Yeah, they are a bit rare compared to the non-albo variety, but really. You can get them here for gbp50-100. Still a lot, but not those five-figure monstrosities! (Incidentally, I had one on OZ - twenty years back - that I found in the supermarket for au$5.00 and a friend gave it a home when I departed.) YAM xxx

Anvilcloud said...

Yes, Dave's Christmas Turkey was a classic, as was Polly Anderson's Christmas Party.

RedPat said...

I love seeing your deer! I must admit I miss hearing stories about what the girls have been up to when at your place. Those were weeks that you will always remember.

DUTA said...

No dairy and eggs? Hopefully he's got some good alternative for protein. I once gave up eggs (panic about cholesterol some 10 years ago). It was a stupid decision with serious consequences such as hair loss, and some other things that I can't remember. Eggs have the highest quality protein.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Enjoyed my little catchup with you Jenn. I have a little herd of deer lately, various sizes who saunter through from time to time. I too love to see them. Meanwhile, It is always good to have a few treats for yourself. I take power for granted and do hope those workers are compensated for working in ungodly hours and weather.

Red said...

Stuart's turkey story is on a par with the hockey Sweater.

Angie said...

Jenn - since there are so many trees around here, we tend to lose power anytime there is a wind storm. We are so grateful for the crews that go out at all hours of the day and night to repair the downed lines! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

eileeninmd said...

I hope the Kellogg's workers got a great deal. Your deer are so pretty!
The plant is pretty, I like the variegated leaves. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a great day!

Karen said...

We are always so thankful to see the Hydro One workers rumble down our road!
What kind of batteries do you use in your trail cams? Mine uses C batteries that are quickly depleted. I don't even bother with it anymore because I can't afford to put new batteries in every day. There must be better batteries.

Lowcarb team member said...

I always enjoy seeing your deer.

In case I don't get to visit you before Christmas, I send my good wishes.
Merry Christmas.

All the best Jan