Sunday 12 December 2021

🐾Tracks in the snow

I saw tracks in the snow. I measured with my hand. I think it is the fox. They are small tracks. You measure them from front toe to the next front toe. I used my stretched hand width, which is 20 cm/8" wide. It seems to be about 20" stride length.

The fox visited the backyard the other day. I think she was back after it snowed. She seems wee, but maybe I am used to the coyotes.

You can compare the larger track with the smaller. Four fingers from front toe pad to back, compared to three.

This laminated tracking guide really helps. It's not metric, so I have to keep converting!

🐾The coyote walked off the end of the dock, but it seems as if it was a bit mushy! It veered back towards the land.

☔As I was writing this Saturday, the snow was melting in the rain. I don't think we had any freezing rain, although I can see the ploughs passing by in the dark, lights flashing. It could be worse, as Kentucky has had horrific tornadoes, with much loss of life.

This was quite the project. I ordered red ribbon to make new fence bows. I was dubious that it would arrive anytime soon. It came from L.A.

I tracked the order from November 8th. Wednesday came and went. December 1st came and went. 

Between floods, tornadoes, and other disasters, it was humorous tracking it. We had a massive wind storm go by, and there are 195,956 people without power today. One has to keep it in perspective.

The next message was if my ribbon didn't arrive the 7th, to let them know. 

It arrived! A bit of a distance across the continent. It was a $10 delivery fee, but better than having to scream around town looking for ribbon. I'm much happier ordering online. (I had an anxiety attack at the hairdresser.)

I watched a couple of How-To videos (<= this one in French!) and managed to make a five bows on the kitchen table. Basically, you fold the bow part, twist a wire around it, then add the hanging bits. JB held them firm whilst I tied them. He was happy to be useful!

Just to end with a smile! I had an old Josephine video pop up in my news feed! It was her 14th birthday last week!


Tom said... today the track are in the mud.

Anvilcloud said...

You are more comfortable in metric?
That surprises me as you were quite adult when we converted.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
What a difference a bow makes! The fence looks lovely - and like you, I am so very grateful for online shopping. YAM xx

Nancy J said...

Josephine, what a memory, those fancy long socks, your dancing, and t hen back to the current days, tracks, more snow, and online shopping. I do more of that these days too, never sure where any Covid might be lurking.

Jenn Jilks said...

I am more comfortable in metric, AC! When I was in the Faculty of Education that is just after we converted. They gave us lots of courses in it. If course, I taught math for gr. 1 - 8 over the years and you have to use metric!
JB has gone the other way, these days. He's reverted and converted to Imperial!

Christine said...

Neat on the track spotting. Great job on the ribbon!

Marco Luijken said...

Hello Jennifer,
What a nice pictures of the tracks of a fox in the snow.
And what a funny movie is the last with that kid. So cute!!

Many greetings,

RedPat said...

I am metric for some things like groceries and imperial for others. Love the wee fox.

Lowcarb team member said...

... and your post did end on a smile :)
Lovely video.

All the best Jan

William Kendall said...

The winds were fierce last night.

Cloudia said...

Jolly post!

Red said...

I also enjoy watching for tracks. Last night I had two dear and a rabbit. One deer is an old buck with big draggy feet.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Lovely tracks. And yes metric is easier but I still weigh myself in pounds even though I buy items in kg.

Bindu said...

The bows look great!
You have a lot of wildlife there.

Gaelyn said...

Cool that you can track the difference between fox and coyote. Love that they both hang around. And even though you waited too long, the red bows are wonderful.