Tuesday 28 December 2021

Not so Silent Night

It's been a tough week. We'll get through it. Outdoor walking is treacherous, which is a shame. I drove down the 100m driveway to get the recycling boxes as it is so slippery. Walking on the snow, with a significant top layer of ice, defeated me.

Home is still safer. Our COVID numbers are shocking here in Leeds, Grenville, Lanark Health Unit. We had 253 total cases last Thursday: 542; on Monday, 556 cases Tuesday. (They don't post on holidays or weekends.) The last time it was this high was Dec., 2020, when it was at a peak of 314 cases. 


On a lighter note♪...  I miss the church music at Christmas. 

We had many happy times in the church choir, we (my mom and dad), as well as Wendy and Andrew. Both my parents sang in the LPCC choir, begun by my aunt back in the 50s. It was a musical family, my adoptive family. 

On Dec. 21st 1973, 47 years ago, I travelled to Timmins to be present for my friend Wendy's wedding. It was a long bus ride and I was nervous. Billeted in her friend's house, it was quite an experience for me. 

Wendy and Andrew were students in the university nearby. I was telling two of my three kids about the choir and thought of the good old days. We reconnected on Facebook. Wendy and Andrew's daughter just graduated with her PhD! They have a granddaughter, as well.

We spent hours singing at LPCC. This is the foyer of the church. 

I joined the choir when I was in Gr. 8, 1969. I sang there until I was married at Lawrence Park Community Church on Dec. 10th, in 1976. I tried being in a choir here, but the politics of the church and church choirs, set me on edge. This brings fond memories. 


Wendy, and her then boyfriend, were in our church choir. They graduated from the local university and settled in Toronto. A beautiful couple, with good hearts, and fine spirits. Both talented musicians, they kept up their church choir work. When I think of them, I think of our choir at Christmas. We had many candlelight services in the church. 

Wendy and Andrew (my mom called them Wendrew!) have worked long and hard in the musical community.

Donaldson is the third of seven children born to Northern Ontario missionaries. He and his wife, Wendy, have lived in the Hambly Avenue area of the Beach for almost 50 years.

Donaldson received a B.A. in French and English studies from Glendon College, York University (1974), and studied classical guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music, where he received the Associate Diploma (ARCT) in classical guitar performance (1979).

Advent Music at Holy Trinity: Welcome to Andrew Donaldson and Wendy Wyatt  Donaldson – Holy Trinity TO
A 2017 photo from Holy Trinity church

They have worked hard in many different countries.
Andrew Donaldson

In these COVID times, they have pivoted, as many musicians have been forced to do. There are many musical videos online of their work.

This is his beautiful arrangement of Silent Night. (Singers and Players of Beaches Presbyterian Church, Jo-Ann Thornton Dell, soloist, Don Anderson, piano, Andrew Donaldson, conductor.)

Also, Andrew has his YouTube channel with more music.

Here they are in a delightful piece. Wendy is on the far left.


Tom said...

...stay safe and healthy!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Thanks for that - joyous!!! YAM xx

Nancy J said...

These days we all have to adapt to changes, some easier than others, Online Church services, funerals by remote videos, hospital visitors limited to one at a time even if the patient is severely ill ( at least that is the code at our local one) , you videos have the most beautiful arrangements , a very talented man who has shared with so many. Stay off the ice, just keep it for your whiskey!!!

RedPat said...

Sweet memories for you. The numbers are getting scary but at least we have had our vaccines this time around.

The Furry Gnome said...

I must say I miss the old Christmas hymns too. Though I was certainly never in a choir!

Red said...

Many people have told me about their satisfaction of singing in choirs. I sat with the choir one time and it sounded so much better than sitting in the congregation. You have great memories of a very satisfying time in your life.

DeniseinVA said...

Very much enjoyed Jenn, thank you! Thank you for sharing those very special memories, and for the links too.

William Kendall said...

I wonder when it will all end.

Anvilcloud said...

We’ve been playing those long YT Christmas programs that go on for many may hours with photos and graphics too. What we’ve been playing is all instrumental though.

Jeanie said...

We are in a surge, too, and we so missed going to church on Christmas Eve. I understand.