Thursday, 18 November 2021

Keep on smiling


In more cheery news, they checked our tax returns for 2020, they then looked back and I made a mistake on our 2019 tax return, and we owe money, as well as interest. It was a bad time for us, as we wrestled with health issues. Anyway, they phoned us. I know there are all sorts of scams with people claiming to be Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), but this time since we didn't get their emails, they phoned. 

I am so fed up with electronics. Multilayered logins, "what was your mother's maiden name" questions,  Too many companies want to send us electronic bills, but if anything happened to one of us, how would the other know there are bills? I have fought it. This is what happened here.

They phoned, JB was out walking, and they had me take a message, as they would not talk to me. I am the one who does our taxes, for pete's sake. He ended up getting shifted from person to person until 5 people later they explained what was wrong. I was livid!

👴Good news

We did have good news: JB's quarterly PSA test came in. He is still good. Another treatment in a couple weeks.

British Columbia

Our DIL made it back to Vancouver from Stratford. In all the chaos and the flooding and washouts, we were happy to hear that. 

Out in B.C.

We've rain on the way, maybe freezing rain, too. Whatever...


Now Joseph Brian loves his statistics. We've been quite proud that our Health Unit has had the highest rates of vaccination, despite our dippy MPP being an anti-vaxxer COVID denier. Well we've news. They used the population statistics from 2016, not the most recent. Our population has gone up by 4%, and this makes a difference for the percentages!

Lake 88:  

"With the new numbers, those who have received their first doses is now at 94.3% compared to 98.5% with the old data. The fully vaccinated rate is now 91.8% compared to 95.7% before. The numbers are still very strong and continue to lead the province."

Our numbers are slowly rising, as is the case around us. We're up to 38 cases in our Health Unit, up from 7 at the beginning of November. By the end of the month they should begin giving 5 – 11-year-olds the vax, which should help. 


Chair Socks

Our blog friend, Kay, found a brilliant design:  chair socks by Kay, and she inspired a whole lot of us! It really makes a difference on the floors. I just wish I'd known about them before. Our poor oak floors have taken a beating since 2010. Percy goldfish likes the chair socks, too.

The pumpkins are going to good use. Dratted Red Squirrel (DRS) gets right into it!



Anvilcloud said...

Oh, that sounds frustrating, and i am reminded that i can’t get into the site without some intervention as i fouled up with my security answers and am now locked out.

Tom said...

...keep smiling, it beats crying.

William Kendall said...

Your MPP is a bloody disgrace.

Gaelyn said...

Sorry to hear of the troubles. What used to take a 10 min phone call now takes hours online.

RedPat said...

I am trying to do as little as possible on line as I find it so frustrating to deal with the sites.

Christine said...

Good on the chair socks, and a good colour you chose to blend in.

DUTA said...

I had to fill in forms to get return money for the last 4 years. I submitted them in person (no queue) as online totally confused me. I don't know when I'll get the results.

Angie said...

Jenn - yes, bureaucracy is frustrating at the best of times! Don't get me started!

Chair socks - what a great idea! We have plastic footies on our chairs, and they work well, but I rotate the chairs that get used the most often!

Enjoy your weekend!

Jeanie said...

Good news about the PSA. When I got my new computer, none of my saved PWs transferred over and boy, is it a pain! I can't remember half of them!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

We have similar problems with the Feds. Tony is hard of hearing and has to put me on the phone with them to hear what they want, they won't say it to me without a whole lot of rigamoroll, and we are ages just getting something very simple rectified. I hate it!
Anyway, I'm going off to check out chair socks. Thanks for that!

Kay said...

Yay! I'm so glad the socks are working for you. I thought mine would wear through quickly, but they seem to be OK, so far. There are other kinds of more durable (but more expensive) solutions. I'm going to try just one to see if it's any good.

Wow! You do the taxes? I'm so impressed. I'm really no good at that department. I'm sorry you're going through all that hassle though.