Sunday, 17 October 2021

Off to the dentist!

 Our dentist is in Carleton Place, a 45-minute drive, so off we went for noon, Wednesday, Oct. 13th. The wetland looks lovely. It was to be a wonderful Autumn day! 


The maple trees are always wonderful in Autumn. I liked the car colour, too!

Highway 15

The sumac, what can I say? It is my fave.

I loved the colours. Wouldn't one of these front loaders be great?!

Burning bush, with one of those totally ridiculous signs.

Two drivers, both important people I am sure, passed us on double lines and curves. The sound and the worry is awful. 

A bit freaky!

Gardens are still looking great, but with an overnight temperature of 7˚ C., they won't last long.

Carleton Place

Note the driver, wandering over the lines... What, me worry?!

I like this big pot of plants!

After my dental appointment JB suggested we go out to lunch. It was supposed to be a sunny afternoon. Or, at least, partly sunny. It was really cold in the dental office, but warmer on the patio.

What a treat!

This is a lovely patio.

Late lunch is served!

The river was lovely! 

I didn't bring the zoom lens, but there was a blue heron in the river, at the bottom of the photo, on the long rock. Maybe you'll have to trust me! 

The river sounds wonderful. There is something about moving water. 

Almonte River from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The Boston Ivy reminds me of our house in Toronto. There was a factory behind us, with huge old Boston Ivy leaves that would change colour in fall!

This is the pub across the river.

We entertained the thought of parking here, but I noticed the sign restricted parking to only 30 minutes! Someone else did not notice it. Whoopsie!

I'm sure there is a good story here!

There is lots of Hallowe'en decor up!

I liked this cloud. Almost a sea serpent!

And, home and safe! What a lovely day, despite being at the dentist!


Tom said... had a beautiful day for an outing.

Anvilcloud said...

we have never been on that patio, believe it or not. I think about it from time to time, but then I don't think about it. As the weather changes, maybe next year.

RedPat said...

You had a great day for lunch on the patio!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Nice outing that you had. I love all your fall colour (I like typing colour when commenting on a Canadian blog, I hope you don't think it is cultural misappropriation, hah I wrote colourful misappropriation first).

I love having lunch with my wife. It looks like you guys picked a great spot.

All in all, a great outing.

Nancy J said...

Beautiful day, not too hot, not cold,,just right, and those trees in glorious reds and oranges, and then the mad drivers, we have them here too!!

William Kendall said...

Lovely fall colours.

E.liza"BETH" said...

i think u got a haircut. you look great. i tell ya ... folks drive like bonkers but well i don't have an excuse for them ... they are just nuts. and sadly i think it is never gonna get better because their parents probably didn't teach them proper like. lol!! i get frustrated when on the interstate ... the passing line for miles u can see down the road that folks just drive it. it is meant for passing not travel. but a lot of folks apparently don't know that rule. dumbies. like today on the way home a local sheriff makes everyone in the fast line get over cause his lights were flashing. but you know what ... didn't stop them from doing it. i mean i can't do that ... put on my flashing lights. it does nothing. makes me sad. where are the good folks. where are they hiding?? i often say to my hubby i wanna move to where the good folks live. where they treat others with kindness and respect. i mean i know we are all different, have views we might not agree with in all areas but can't we treat every one okay. we are humans, that is what we have in common. well i think if i met an alien i would treat them kindly as well but i think u know my point.

let me tell ya my Canadian friend the fall temps are here this weekend, i pray they stick around but i think like always they will go away. i love this kind of weather. perfect fall day. crisp. clear and clean. PERFECT! love it. fall is my fave. u take care. ( ;

Red said...

You never miss anything on a road trip.

The Furry Gnome said...

You sure make a drive to the dentist sound interesting!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Lovely indeed; too bad it took a dentist to get you out that far.

Gaelyn said...

All such lovely colors but the prettiest picture here is of you.