Friday, 30 July 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 34.3

 We eased into the day. I did my blogging. The girls arose around 10. It rained much of the day, on and off. 

Papa set the girls up with an old games player. Isabelle and I connected it up, after a few tries. Iz wanted to play Bubble Bobble. We met with varied success. It was so funny.

My favourite game of the 80s was Q*BERT. We tried that. Hilarity ensued. I just couldn't get the controller under control. We laughed so hard, Josephine came downstairs because of the noise. Isabelle said it wasn't her fault she didn't do well. She grew up in the age controllers with more than 6 buttons,  3–D graphics, and open world settings, not this stuff! She is quite droll.

Bubble Bobble - Wikipedia
Bubble Bobble


I told Jos that the tree frog was on the railing. It is so well hidden, she asked to play 'hot and cold!' That helped.

After it rudely peed on her, she giggled, put it back, and washed her hands!

Isabelle found two connect-the-dot pages to do. She couldn't connect her wifi to my printer, so she did Facetime with Papa. I heard her talking to someone and was curious. I ambled down the hall. Poor Papa was trying to work from home, so I offered to help. She texted the PDF file to me and I printed it from my laptop. The one she did had 650 dots to connect!

They did the garbage and recycling today, with Grampa directing traffic. Everyone helped tidy, the girls broke down boxes with me, they filled the dishwasher. Grampa said, "This is great, by week 34 they are doing garbage and recycling!" Grampa's arm precludes him doing garbage right now. It's been tough.

I watched the afternoon movie with them, in the basement. They finish each other's sentences;  'his brother...'  'Oh, yeah!'

Guardians of the Galaxy

Today, the 2nd monarch chrysalis should eclose! IT is getting quite dark.


Tom said...

...I am in the Adirondacks and enjoying the rain too.

RedPat said...

It sounds like an enjoyable rainy day!

Christine said...

Cute little frog even if I wouldn't hold one myself.

Nancy J said...

Easing into the day sounds like a very good way to start.I grew up without TV, play games, laptops, an old fashioned phone on a party line, no fridge until I was about 13, and a bike with NO speeds,.The girls would find a life like this so hard to believe it actually happened. Your school hols sound wonderful, and help with garbage and the dishwasher, all good lessons in life for when they eventually leave home or Gramma Camp.XXX

William Kendall said...

As we're close enough I imagine you're having a cool day too. I was out in the morning and thought I should have opted for jeans.