Thursday, 29 July 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 34.2

I tried to make the dashcam video better, but I didn't do very well. When Grampa and Josephine went to the store on Tuesday, they saw the doe and a fawn on the front lawn. They are on the left. Maybe for my birthday we'll get a new dashcam! fawn 

It was the first time we've seen the fawns in the daylight up here. We'll see them more often in August, when they are a little less vulnerable, and a little more streetwise!

 We'd planned on going to the Perth Wildlife Centre Tuesday, but it is cool and rainy! I spotted an ad for volunteers to help with their butterfly gardens, which reminded me of it. 

On Tuesday, Isabelle announced that she was going to the Muskoka Room. With lots of rain on the way today, she might end up there to draw and listen to music, again. Notice the water bottle, Momma! 

Off we went Thursday at 10 a.m. We packed water, bug spray, cameras. 

Not quite sure what they were up to...

We made it. We have an annual pass to the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) parks.
A swallowtail was doing something in the mud in the parking lot. One car left as we arrived, and there was one other there. It was quite peaceful.

It was a lovely walk through the forest, along the paths. Lots of birds, but the bugs were so bad we didn't stop.

We made it to the river. The girls hunkered down on the dock and talked, while Grampa and I climbed the viewing lookout. I took a selfie with my phone, and sent it to Momma, who is working from home.

We climbed. I didn't take a photo, this is from our visit in 2018.

From the lookout, there were birds snatching bugs.

There were a pair of ducks but even with the zoom lens, which I dragged along in my backpack, I couldn't attempt to ID it. They were diving for food. 


The girls were still on the dock when they saw kayakers. They decided to make turkey sounds??? Tay River  


It's just a lovely, peaceful scene. The Tay winds around the marsh off in the distance. It was a perfect day!

You can see one of the kayaks in the middle of the river.

The girls joined us on the tower. More selfies for Momma!

And we were done, headed back to the car! It was a good walkabout. It was a good hour we were out there. 

We hustled back along the path, and I heard a bird. (It was really buggy!) catbird 

We didn't see any stinkpot or blandings turtles, but they are there!

When you come to a fork in the road...

I'd shown Josephine my October, 2018 blog post of our extended family visit, and she wanted a reprise of the photo! 

The poor trees, LDD damage.

We arrived home, and Isabelle and I tried a reprise of the lily photo, with pollen on her face. I wasn't wearing my reading glasses and couldn't tell it was out of focus. Oh well! Her facial expression is a hoot. They are so much fun.

We all vegged out after this. It was an afternoon of reading, drawing, and, of course, their 3 p.m. video. The three of them watched in the basement: Isabelle, Josephine, and Cinnamon! It was, apparently, a 'cheesy' one. (They picked their own videos!) Grampa and I watched Olympics to catch our breath, and put our feet up. 

After spaghetti and meatballs, with meatball jokes from Grampa, we watched America's Got Talent while Isabelle had her shower. Lights out by 9:30! 


DUTA said...

Every hour outdoors in nature, is a well spent hour. The girls are getting the right education.

RedPat said...

Your days are full!

Tom said... you place an extension of the Perth Wildlife Reserve?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
what a lovely outing... It is great to get out and about, ain't it?! YAM xx

William Kendall said...

A good day to get out and about.

Anvilcloud said...

I should go sometime, but it seems like a hike for a guy who hobbles around.

Gaelyn said...

I so love your grandma camp. Except for mosquitoes.