Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 34


We began at noon on Monday, as we wanted to leave the driveway to harden. Grampa took off, I wandered the yard checking my sprucing up work. I looked down, and laughed out loud! 

Grampa did the hostage exchange, and they stopped in for videos. Lunch was had, we read, and then it was time for the 3 p.m. video: Jumanji! It was a BluRay,  so the girls had to watch on the upstairs TV. 

At 3:50 my laptop timer came on, and reminded us of Josephine's French Horn lesson. We stopped the video, and off she went. Then, she remembered that her teacher couldn't do her lesson this week! She came back giggling. 

Back to Jumanji. Grampa went downstairs to watch Olympic soccer. It's been a great distraction. 

I worked on dinner: a can of diced tomatoes, lots of spices: curry, garlic, minced onion, parsley; two cans of beans, and a package of weiners. The girls had raw green beans, as well. 

The day was busy in the yard. 

I haven't seen Fred groundhog in ages.


The doe a deer  continues to visit. We've two does with fawns. 


There are several of monarchs! flutterby 


In case you like live cams: at Explore.org you can watch bears fishing! It's at a falls, and the salmon are running.


Christine said...

Gosh summer is going so quickly, enjoy gramma camp!

Tom said...

...it looks like you should be able to tell your right foot from your left.

RedPat said...

The Monarchs are fluttering about here too!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I once went into my office wearing one of my own white sandals and one of my teen-aged daughter's, which matched about as well as your pair of shoes! Fun times. Gramma camp continues to sound pretty darn fun.

William Kendall said...

I find groundhogs fun to watch.