Monday, 21 June 2021

The bat and the owls

 All I seem to be doing is soaking the bed and generating laundry. That's alright. I am trying to be a good patient. That helps my caregiver. Sunday morning, Father's Day, I woke with sweats and a headache. Tylenol did the job. JB did the towels. I am on the mend, it ebbs and flows. Sorry to drone on, but it helps me to write it out to piece it together. Your stories of family members make me think they are talking about it much. 

This morning (Monday, a full week with this), no night sweats. What a relief! No fierce headache, either.

I think this will make you laugh.

I practice good sleep hygiene, as much as I can. Waking at 5:30, for no apparent reason, means getting into bed early. JB with neck issues cannot read in bed, which has been our go to practice. He stays up a bit watching mindless TV, which helps. I toddled off, nestled into bed, and read book 6 of my series, which we finally secured at the library. People are doing a lot of reading! 

So, back to Saturday night. Things were quiet. Both cats were quiet. Nutmeg was sitting on JB's lap when something flew along the hallway. Yep. A bat. This was after 9:30 p.m., and I'd been asleep for a half hour. Nutmeg roared off down the hallway. JB got up to see what was what. Almost immediately she doubled back from the hall and went into the kitchen. He followed. There was a bat flying around the kitchen at great speed. 

He looked in the hall and the foyer for the long-handled butterfly net. It was outside. What bugs? 

It was flying around quite scared, and JB tried to grab it as it flew in its circles, it flew down the hall, flew into Izzy's room. He tried to catch it there. By this time Cinnamon was helping, joining in the festivities. The bat flew into the bedroom, where I was sleeping, and into my closet. He tried to catch it there, but didn't want to turn on the light. It flew back into the kitchen, then back into the bedroom. Everytime it flew low, Meggie (AKA Killer) was hurtling herself into the air to grab it. It flew back into the bedroom. I woke up when JB turned on the light. It flew back to the kitchen, he tried again, and then I took over. Looking up isn't good for his neck issues. JB put Nutmeg into the Muskoka room, as she was no help.

Cinnamon followed Batty into the bathroom this time. He defers to Nutmeg, but it was his turn. I think he knocked it to the floor. It was under the lip of the cabinets, screaming at him. I put the net over it, and then slid a magazine under it. (Birdwatch magazine!) I yelled at JB to get ready and open the doors. Carefully, as it was on its way to slip out from under the edge of the net. We tootled down the hall. JB held the door open, and I put it on the deck. Off it flew. We were all relieved, if somewhat awake.

It's not our first bat! They come down the chimney in the heat to get cool. The best was the time it circled the bedroom fan, while Daisy and Buster gave themselves whiplash watching it [Bat in my bedroom part 2 - the rescue]. Josephine helped me with one in Sept., 2020: Gramma Camp Monday. Last time it was Cinnamon that plucked it out of the air and dropped it in front of Josephine [May, 2020; Happy birthday to Isabelle!]. I find them fascinating. We've no rabies around here, but we are cautious. 

 I tried to get back to sleep. Hah! JB was about ready, prior to the incident. He ended up watching basketball or something until 11 p.m. Hah! I lay there, listening to a podcast, This American Life. Then, I heard a noise. I had to get up and 'video' it. I could not find a night time setting on the camera. I just shot into the dark. The video audio is set to a couple of photos. What a night.

barred owls from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The trailcam was up in the backyard. The flowers slowly disappeared!  It's bladderwort, as I've let the grass grow. We had three deer: a doe with some butt wound, our lactating doe, and a young buck. flower deer 


This is really funny! It's not mating season, either. deer chase

This is a wee doe, with something on her hindquarters. She really is quite small, as we saw her feeding after our dinner yesterday. I think she's a yearling, having lost her mum. We'll keep an eye on her. hippy deer 

I'm so glad to be feeling human again! Thank you for all your kind wishes. I've yet to eat anything substantial, but there is progress.


Anvilcloud said...

We once had to replace the motor on a furnace because a bat went down the cold air return and got stuck. Poor thing.

Tom said...

...bats make my batty!

DUTA said...

Covid is again on our front page - children at school and people returning from abroad are the main suspects.
You've mentioned 'bat' in your post and it reminds me that bats are blamed for transmitting the virus (in case the leak from the laboratory in Whuang is just a theory).
Anyway, wishing you an accurate diagnosis, and a speedy recovery!

Christine said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better, enough to make these nice posts.

Jeanie said...

Yikes. Now, that's an adventure on any day. Awaking to it has to be another thing entirely. But it seems like you all are a great team! One down -- I hope the last, though I doubt it!

Nancy J said...

What a night!!! So glad the bat was captured, at last and went out, Love the galloping deer, hope the flowers stay safe behind the flags

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a night, I am behind reading so didn’t know you’d been so sick. Hope you are still well on the way to totally healthy again by now.