Wednesday 21 August 2013

Bat in my bedroom part 2 - the rescue

Here is the last bat I captured!
Around and around she goes... the last one, on the fireplace brick, was a piece of cake! Buster had captured it in the bathroom, then it flew onto the brick. I've written lots about bats:

This one flew from the chimney opening downstairs, upstairs into the living room, and then into the bedroom, where it was circling the fan.
See the previous post for THAT video!

It hunkered down behind the large painting leaving me wondering what to do next. A helpful Tweet from an acquaintance suggested gloves and a blanket, after putting the cats out. We have two bat houses outside, on 16 acres of land, and many trees with suitable holes, this one liked the cool chimney on a hot night.

  1. Good advice! Normally they land on the chimney bricks and are easily captured. Like this one.
  2. I think there are bats in one of them. Meantime, its back to circling the fan.
  3. quick, throw a blanket over it! Avoid using a net, will get all tangled.
I peeked at it, knowing I couldn't life the painting alone, when it flew back out and resumed the revolutions.
Batty was still going in circles when it collapsed falling behind the curtain. I managed to scooch it out into the Muskoka Room, with nice screens for holding on to.

Buster was supervising outside on the deck

What a relief! You can hear it chittering at me.

bat secured in Muskoka room from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I DID IT! It slipped down behind the curtain. I scooched it out into the Muskoka room. Poor wee thing. Buster watched from outside. It flew in more circles, hung off the screen, then fell to the ground. I popped the butterfly net over it. It has flown off to safety outside. WHEW!


Kay L. Davies said...

Well, my dear Jenn, you certainly got your exercise for the week, didn't you?
So great that your husband delivers Meals on Wheels, too bad that he wasn't there to help you.
Lindy would probably ignore it. I can't imagine a short, fat, old Golden Retriever chasing a bat. Or a short, fat, old me doing it, either.
I'd probably scream, run outside, and seek refuge with neighbors. Not at all brave.

EG CameraGirl said...

What an adventure you had! And you didn't even need to leave home. :)

Anonymous said...

We recently had a bat in the house too, seems the cat got it downstairs and brought it upstairs, which woke us up, hubby got up and saw cat staring at the ceiling where the bat was ... captured it in a towel and released it outside.

The Furry Gnome said...

Good work; glad you saved the bat.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What an adventure (for the bat and for you) was fun reading both posts at once today. I'm glad you rescued him. We used to have two bat houses in our yard (at the house we sold in Oregon to go RVing)... I was never afraid of themk=, but I had friends who freaked out if they saw one.

Kay said...

Wow! That's great. I'm glad you were able to remain calm and didn't let this creature drive you batty.