Saturday, 19 June 2021

One day at a time

Thank you, all, for your kind wishes. It makes me weep. I had a Lyme test Friday. It'd be good to get to the bottom of this, or rule stuff out. 

JB and I did my laundry. He can't carry too much at once, but brings up the clean clothes up an armload at a time. Poor man! I managed toast Thursday, and some grapes. The day before it was a banana. I've lost 3 kg! My brilliant Caitlin is bringing me Ensure today. She's coming to help with some household chores, but we're not failing! (Family joke!) As my parents were both dealing with cancer, and they lost their ability to do a lot, mom would tell me that as soon as they improved... they'd get back to normal. With our aches and pains, we are making accommodations. 

I've no appetite, but on this rainy day, we are cozy indoors, watching soccer. I'd a bit more energy Friday. The night sweats are terrible. 

I love these slippers. I took them into emergency with me Wednesday. They were cozy and lovely. After my hallway medicine, they wheeled me into a lovely bay with a door, shut off the lights, and closed the door as we awaited the negative blood tests. The sensory deprivation was lovely. I just get on overload. I did manage to read for an hour last night. My eyes haven't wanted to do that in a week.

I watered the hanging baskets, which I'd ignored since Monday when this began. The cherry tomatoes, the extent of my veggies, are beginning to ripen. I am worried, as there aren't too many open blossoms.  

Friday, I woke up with another headache. I soaked three t-shirts with cold sweats. Managing to sleep several hours at a time has been wonderful, however. I've little appetite, but my 'nurse' makes me eat something when I have some tylenol for the headaches. He even made me toast and a scrambled egg for lunch. 

The robins have flown, I realized that only two of the three eggs hatched. Since the cats were going antsy,  I let them out. I miss my walks with Cinnamon. 

The LDD caterpillar damage continues. The spruce and the roses out front. The roses will come back. The spruce, probably. It did after the spruce budworm attacked it one year! The difference is the sparrows loved the caterpiglies! 

They are now 42 mm long, May 16 they were 4 mm.  They could get to 50 mm. Disgusting little creatures, and you know I love my insects, and the diversity of life. 

I finally found a predator! He's a bit slow, though. They do have poison in their spiny things. It almost looked like it was sucking stuff out? Clever critter. chipmunk 

The milkweed are in blossom. Here was a virginia ctenucha. I was so proud of myself, AC, I remembered the name of it, just couldn't spell it. I forgot the 'c'. Can you smell the milkweed?!

We've seen monarchs, or the same one many times! I counted three eggs, and I shall hope for more.

Finally, the flags do their job. Our lactating doe went around. She's here every day. I think she parks her fawn across the highway in the forest. She begins in the front and works her way around to the back. We talk to her. She wags her white tail.

deer from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Anvilcloud said...

Yes, I thought of the pleasant aroma before you called my name. :)
It seems as though you are slowly improving.
All the best.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

I am very sorry to hear that you are so sick. It must be really debilitating to have all your energy sapped in this way. I hope only for a speedy recovery for you. With my very best wishes. David

Karen said...

Sure hope you are over that soon.
Our milkweed is in bud but haven't burst worth as yet. I can hardly wait.
Mike saw our doe with her twins just by the head of the lane yesterday. I wonder if this is the same one we see with twins most years?

eileeninmd said...

Hello Jenn,

Sorry you are not feeling well, I hope you recover soon.
Take care, have a happy weekend!

Kathy G said...

Glad you're on the road to recovery. It's a good idea to get nutrition from meal replacement shakes

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Chipmunks and squirrels have such delightful character about them - as, indeed, to the deer...and birds... and well, everything! Keep getting better, Jenn. YAM xx

Tom said...

...I hope that the tests turn out well.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Oh Jenn,so sorry to hear you have been feeling awful. Hope they get to the bottom of it, best to know what is causing these symptoms than to go on not knowing. Rest, sleep, drink fluids, and only do what you feel you can do. I know you do this all the time. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Out To Pasture said...

I had no idea that chipmunks would eat caterpillars! As you say, bless his little heart!

Nancy J said...

Oh Jenn, I do hope you have improved by the time this arrives, and the tests show what the cause is. The unknown, the headaches, and all else is so worrying. Hang in there, let the others manage as best they can, JB, you are wonderful to be doing all the laundry, in bits and pieces, don't do anything that is not totally necessary. Love the doe, she seems very tame. The caterpillars, guess they will eventually die off, And the cats, outside heaven once again, they say.

RedPat said...

I was so happy to see this post! I hope things continue to improve!

William Kendall said...

There is something quite peaceful in watching a deer.

Lowcarb team member said...

Sending lots of get well wishes and positive vibes to you.

That chipmunk is so sweet, I enjoyed the video.

My good wishes

All the best Jan

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jenn I am so sorry you are incredibly sick like this. I hope they can identify what is going on and find something to help you out with. Aging is bad enough without episodes of something so scary to handle.
My husband and I prop each other up when one of us gets sick .. I dread to think what would happen if we both got sick at the same time.
You have a wonderful nurse there ;-)
The chipmunk surprised me , eating the caterpillar ! I had no idea .. the video was brilliant !
I hope you feel much better VERY soon !