Tuesday 27 April 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 28

We continue our family bubble. The kids are working from home, doing grocery pickups, and being very careful in Ottawa. We are being really careful, as well. All of the protocols are excellent in town. We've both been vaccinated, as well.


Josephine put her puzzle together. Isabelle and I played frisbee with one her US-based grandfather gave her. It ended up on the roof! I haven't figured that one out, yet.

Izzy and I tore the porch off of the tree house. It was falling apart. The tree house is OK, though.

She climbed up the tree. 

First trillium.

Isabelle and I picked flowers, as it was going to be a cold night. I loathe seeing them bent over in the cold in the mornings.

The lilacs are beginning to show buds!

After dinner, they ran outside in their bomber jackets, passed on from Grampa, and sat in the big chair in their bare feet! 


Emergency, as the little spinny wheel on Izzy's computer wouldn't let her into Chrome. She texted Momma, who was out walking, who suggested she ask me. Iz decided to try Safari. That worked. We made it through the day.

Lunch time, and they are having fun with these jackets. Do you see what Isabelle did with hers??!!

I helped Jos with some fractions. 

Gr. 8 Math help: if a restaurant uses 2 bags of taco shells in one day, how long will it take them to use 3/4 of a bag?

Finally, we made it to the afternoon break. First stop, the chair. Isabelle photobombed the daffodils!

We went down to the pond and fetched the trailcams and saw the ducks, and a muskrat. 

The muskrat watched us, then resumed eating!

From up the hill, Josephine could see the dock. The trailcam frogpond tails  revealed all: raccoon, ducks and the muskrat bopping up from feeding.

Looking more closely, they saw the fairy shrimp and mosquito larvae.

Jos to Izzy: "Wanna go sit in the chair and chat?"

Back to school for an hour. Then, we read for awhile. Izzy got on the computer remotely with her father, who fixed her computer. 

You can see that there WERE two of these. One was chopped off. Such is life in the country!


Tom said...

...the first trillium of the year is always a treat!

William Kendall said...

Rare to see a raccoon in the day.

Anvilcloud said...

I am sure that your family times are safe. I expect ours would be too, but we are maniting distancing for now. Sue's shot is only a week old, so not totally effective, and the first jab isn't totally effective either. Neither is the second jab, but you know what I mean.

RedPat said...

Those kids keep you busy! In a good way!

Nancy J said...

Maths question " How many hours is the restaurant open"??? too hard to give the right answer. Love your outside garden as it is starting to grow in your spring.

Lorrie said...

Your grandgirls look like they have a lot of fun with you, as well as learn a lot.

Red said...

What are you going to do when the pandemic is over and these kids go back to school?