Monday 19 April 2021

Daffodils, muskrat, art

 That was an interesting weekend. As I told you yesterday, we've both had our vaccines. My arm is still sore, but no other symptoms. I haven't been 100%, but I did miss taking my antidepressant Friday, and remember Friday, so blame that on myself not the Moderna vax!

The nurse told us to keep moving our inoculated arm, as that helps the blood flow, and the spreading of the vaccine throughout our bodies. She said I could vacuum and JB could do yard work. I held back a snort! Mind you, I did vacuum, as I moved chairs around. Poor JB is unable to sit in his new arm chair without moving and I made such a mistake ordering it in. He's been sitting in my late mother's wing chair, and it seems to be the best bet. 

Cinnamon likes to give JB a head butt as he gets up or down from the caterpillar. I finally snapped a video of it. cat head bump  

We've been around and around this. I moved the wing chair to the corner, and the news lazy boy back out. The space is too small for all three pieces, as well as the two end tables. We have to rethink it. We might move the caterpillar downstairs. We may switch the old and the new ones. We're still thinking.

I'd planned to install these three metal birds (a gift from Caitlin) with the girls, but we were busy last week. I ended up doing it myself!

Sunday was the strangest day, with showers, warm sun, more popcorn clouds and spotty showers. The dark clouds are pretty from a distance. I did some more garden work, despite all that.

I went off to secure the dryer vent with the drill bits Caitlin loaned me. I took a moment to admire my last year's garden. It's up this year. If you strain, you can see the forsythia in the background, to the left of the tree trunk.

Ta da!

Then, there was the bee nests, or whatever the heck they are! I've dug them out, and cannot find a nest. I decided to put it all back in. I didn't do too well, though. I've been searching my photos to find out how they were placed (for lo these 35 years) and they just don't fit in. 

I redesigned my paint box, bought at an estate auction. Took out a few pieces that gave me more room for the actual paints. Josephine repainted it for me. I cut up one of the pieces to finally fix the wood duck box. It was my first one, and they did change the design for the newer boxes, but this one lets the wood shavings fall out without either a piece of bark or a piece of repurposed wood.

Josephine, bless her heart, cleaned up the paintbrushes after finishing her art. 

Afterwards, the bathtub needed a rub. I had a hot bath after my chores to see if that helped. I needed to use an abrasive cleaner. I love the outline of the brush, though! The rust from the paint brush can came out easily after I'd soaked in the tub and the tub was soaked. It's quite artsy!

Muskrat appears quite hungry, down at the pond. I took a photo of the phragmites, just to see if it makes any difference and if they keep on eating them!

 The ducks basically ignore it muskrat Apr 17!

We brought dinner in. I sent JB off for Swiss Chalet chicken in Smiths Falls. A lot of our restaurants in Perth have been closed until they figure out the new lockdown laws. We'll see what the new week brings. Police are monitoring the provincial borders. The US border traffic has been limited. 


Anvilcloud said...

My LazyBoy is very comfortable for me but not for Sue. The armrests are much lower that yours/his, so I can actually turn on mu side and sleep in it. That's what I did last night. I had intended just to start the night there but ended up spending the whole night. One of my better sleeps in a while.

Tom said...'s nice to see spring arriving in your neck of the woods.

Olga said...

Nice job on that painting box!

RedPat said...

I love Swiss Chalet chicken!

Red said...

I don't know why you need chairs? You never stop. Interesting that they said move your arm after the shot.

Christine said...

I heard the 2nd vaccine can cause a few days of fatigue.

William Kendall said...

Cat head bumps are adorable.