Monday, 8 March 2021

We're still in the deep freeze!

With JB's bad arm I was up early feeding his deer. Zola, with her broken ankle, is doing really well, hobbling around, but holding her own. That made him happy. He deserves to be happy. 

I did his laundry for him, and did a few other chores to save his arm. Garbage, for example. He is learning to ask for help. 

We are back into the cold. Nevertheless, Cinnamon and I went walkies. Jean, you asked about frostbite for Cinnamon, but he leads me along the path. He's quite keen. If I pick him up, he demands to be let down. 

These were tracks going off into the bush. I think it was the fisher, although it didn't appear on the trailcam nearby.
These tracks gave Cinnamon pause. (Get it?!) He did that cat sniff, with his mouth open to access more smells. I'm not sure what they were.

The snowshoe hare's tracks are quite distinct.
The fisher
Cinnamon was so interested!

They are big tracks!

The trailcam revealed a fox . A quick red fox!

I finally managed a snowshoe hare video!
Uh, oh. Butch raccoon  is awake! batten down the hatches!

 There were coyote tracks, as well. It's a busy forest.


Anvilcloud said...

Always something to see and report.

Tom said...

...we are this morning too, but this week things will be warming up.

Nancy J said...

Maybe the quick red fox is re-writing the sentence that so many learner typists use.But no lazy dog there. Thanks for the update with Cinnamon, guess they know how much cold their paws will take.

RedPat said...

It is supposed to go up to +10˚C here this afternoon so hopefully some of the warm air goes your way too!

Red said...

You got off the topic of helping JB . Poor guy is second to the critters!

William Kendall said...

Cinnamon likes getting out and about.