Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Cats, the wetland, the frogpond

 Despite the snow, we've been playing outdoors. I was regally dressed in my post-shower cozy thing.

One day it's like this, the next – we've snow!
Note the cat prints along the ledge, above JB 

How many bears can you see? Can you guess what he is watching? 
Nutmeg was more interested in the fire.

Later, we used the gift the kids gave us, a Chromecast connection for the TV. This way we can watch movies from Amazon Prime, as well as showing one another videos from our laptops to the TV. These geeks! I will confess. It took us 2 hours to figure out the connection. (You need an App!) I watched a couple of movies this way, while Nutmeg and JB were watching football.

Anvilcloud, I know you don't watch most of my videos, but you could! Mostly, I post them for hubby and kids, anyway! We all love watching the critters out in the forest, from a safe distance.
Cinnamon and I were walking on the pond. Nutmeg joined us. Cats on pond 

From below, this is where the frogpond in the background (photo below) drains into the wetland, behind where I was standing. The wetland is nicely frozen. The frogpond isn't as frozen, as it is deeper!

Nutmeg took off into the wetland. Cinnamon couldn't find her! I called them, and they didn't seem to follow. I make enough noise that the coyotes wouldn't be around. By the time I made it up to the house, there was Nutmeg chewing on a vole. Cats on frozen wetland

Cinnamon and I went walkies

At the end of the video, I could hear the ice crack, so I retreated! Cinnamon was fine! Now, before you worry, Jean, the water/ice isn't very deep here!  It's knee-deep in the middle. Cat on pond 

Finally, Jan. 4th, Cinnamon walkies on pond  and I ventured out, again. He really loves the snow. He tried to attack a dried up weed! He's such a character.


Tom said...

...stay warm and safe.

Nancy J said...

How did you guess I would worry about that ice breaking and you falling in??? Love the videos, guess the cats are ice savvy by now.

Gaelyn said...

I love to see your kitties playing in the snow. Sierra used to do that in Yarnell when she could go out. But, I think you part crazy outdoors wandering in the snow in your bathrobe. :D

RedPat said...

You are getting outside a lot more than me!

DUTA said...

I like the picture with Cinnamon watching the fire. Lovely picture!

kathy b said...

Oh Im glad they love to walk with yoU! Im training Beatles to leash walk. Potential for therapy visits at a group home ...but we need practice

Christine said...

good to hear about your new TV connections.

Karen said...

Now Jenn, it's one thing to go tromping about in your housecoat, but my goodness girl, at least put some boots on!! LOL

Anvilcloud said...

Whether I watch or not partially depends on time of day and time on hand. Tonight, it's almost 10, and I tired me is just getting blog things done.

Lowcarb team member said...

I'm copying Duta because I too like the picture with Cinnamon watching the fire :)

All the best Jan