Sunday, 10 January 2021

Buck, coyote, crow

 Who goes there in the night? Coyote Jan 7  

I haven't captured a Crow Jan 7   for awhile.

OK, is it a bird or a moth, a bat, or a flying squirrel: deer and ?  We've been debating it online. I don't think we have winter birds who fly at night. The large Imperial moths don't overwinter. They tend to hibernate at caterpillars, I've read. Flying squirrels, I've been told don't fly up. Maybe I should put a trailcam at the bird feeder. The bats are definitely hibernating.

We've just one Young Buck . I would bet he's related to out females, and their yearlings. He kept going back and forth in front of the camera. 


Wife Off The Grid said...

Hi Jennifer! Great videos! Do you leave food out for your deer and if so, what do you provide to them?

Christine said...

That looks like a hungry bird!

Kay said...

It's great to be able to see your nature just to get away from all the chaos and craziness in our country right now.