Sunday, 3 January 2021

Before and after...

 We had a sunny day!

Nutmeg, AKA Killer, found herself a vole. They are so fat! They jump up to be as tall as they can, and bite their predator. Dorah used to get little nose bites. I tried to catch it in my handkerchief, it ran under the tree, but it slipped out. My ball cap worked!

Cinnamon wanted to smell her mouse breath!

Down the path he came. Walkies!

I love the greens, and Cinnamon cat  thought he spotted something.

We had 40 mm rain previously. No good for skating, though, as the weeds come through. The frog pond was quite solid! Cinnamon and Nutmeg love it.

The ice on the lakes isn't deep enough for snow machines. There was an incident nearby, but OPP, and a drone (to provide light), and firefighters, used a rescue boat to get the man to shore.
A 26-year old male had managed to pull himself out. A 57-year old male had attempted to climb onto the ice several times, only to fall through again. He was trapped in the water, with the other male struggling to prevent the victim from going under.

Before and after

The arbour, before and after...

I took the time to cut up and insert pine branches into the pot. This large branch fell in a storm. The birch was frozen into place in the large metal planter, and all I could do was stuff it in, hoping for the best.

I went down with the snowblower next day, and found the branches all tumbled over. 

I stuffed them back in, hoping for the best!

The snow is so pretty! Our home, before and after:


Anvilcloud said...

Yeah. I read about that incident. They lucked out in the end.

eileeninmd said...


Your home does look pretty with the snow on the ground.
Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead!

Tom said...

...winter can look wonderful with of without snow.

RedPat said...

The snow does look so pretty!

Gaelyn said...

I love how your cats go for walks with you. The winter white is pretty, from AZ.

Red said...

Snow really brightens things up.

William Kendall said...

Lovely shots.