Friday, 11 December 2020

PART LXXIX: Dec. 10 & walkies


It was a damp kind of cold! JB did his morning walk while I did my blogging. I went out to fetch trailcam cards, and spotted feline tracks. JB came back in, and said he'd had a walking companion all around his trail. I could see the tracks once I got outdoors.

I whistled at who I thought was Cinnamon, it turned out to be Nutmeg, and she wasn't budging. However, Cinnamon cam roaring up along the driveway to me. We took a great walk. He's turned into a winter Lanark boy! 

This row of cedars always make me happy. All of our cats have loved this tree, as well. 

Usually, the snow melts quickly off of the logs, and they use it as a transportation route. That morning, however, it was still snowy.

The frog pond is nicely covered in water. It protects all the critters hibernating in the pond. 
It's a bit melty, though. Our temperatures are hovering around the zero C. mark.
He seems to know it isn't solid.

There was action in the backyard. A doe and her fawn were nibbling out the back door. I'd thrown out some romaine lettuce out, as we had a new package and we didn't have room in the fridge. The fawn REALLY enjoyed it! 

It was fun capturing their antics on the trailcam, as well. About 38 sec. in you can see where I went out on the deck to see them. She startles. He just keeps on eating. After the one minute mark, he decided that whatever Momma was eating was best and ambled over. doe and fawn from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

PART LXXIX: Dec. 10 

JB went into town for his quarterly Lupron needle at the GP's office in town, and spotted this on an antenna! I love it! He didn't have to have it in the parking lot, or go to the ER. The nurse poked him in the hip. This is good. We're done for another three months. 

I've moved Frosty. I think he is on his last legs, so-to-speak. He needs a paint job, although it is too cold to paint, and his hat has split into several pieces, which I screwed back on his head. Frosty-the-snowman AKA Mr. Dress-up I do like to dress him up. JB put a mask on him.

Here he is shiny and new with Josephine, who just turned 13!


Anvilcloud said...

The cat in the tree is great with those mischievous eyes looking so alert. Bad weather coming this weekend, apparently.

Tom said...

...they grow up quickly.

Karen said...

Looks like we are in for some nasty muck for the weekend. Stay warm!

RedPat said...

Cats in the snow. Not what I would expect.

Nancy J said...

Numerals is that #79??? Looks cold out there, we have snow in the South Island,and it seems that the GP visits are getting easier, specially now that your winter has arrived.

William Kendall said...

That cat seems to like it out in the snow.

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely photographs from your walk.
Pleased that JB's quarterly Lupron needle visit went well.
Your last photograph/look back is adorable.

Enjoy your weekend.

All the best Jan