Friday, 15 November 2013

Frosty-the-snowman AKA Mr. Dress-up

Frosty and Josie in Bala, 2010
It was my late mother's lawn ornament.
Josephine loved him – just her size!

With retirement, the urge to be crafty captured my imagination. I've been making Frosty into Mr. Dress-up for a few years.

It's fun designing, sewing, buying material like a real crafter! I should have flunked out of Home Ec in gr. 7, sewing shirt collars to the back of the shirt. I have since redeemed myself, sewing clothes for the kids when they were young. I made my daughter's Gr. 8 graduation dress. (Nothing suitable is sold, the tween sexed-up market florishes.) I've sewn curtains for the house, to keep the warmth in.

Nov. 2013 - I forgot the Movember mustache
Josie (turning 6 this year, as she clearly articulated during her last phone call!) thinks I should change the decor every time she visits, but I prefer a thematic approach! My friends, and business acquaintances tell me they slow down to see what I've done lately, which is much fun! The trucker I spotted, using both hands to eat from a tupperware dish, steering with his knees, didn't notice Frosty, but that's OK.

We brought him from his Muskoka home. I decided to attach Frosty to the Elm tree stump. That way, no one could steal him, as they have stolen a cheap solar-powered number sign. It me
and he isn't so easy to bring in and out at Christmas, in the cold! I like changing him up during the seasons. His scarf has fallen apart, and I've replaced a couple of buttons.
Winter Frosty 2011
He lost some buttons.

He's a little the worse for wear, although I've been repainting him. I feel better putting clothes on him, and adapting him for the seasons. Perth has an annual, world famous kilt run, and I found a 2nd hand kilt that fits him to a T!
I made him some arms, with dowels, last year. It gives him a bit more flexibility, they are on L joints and moveable. It makes him able to wear a t-shirt or hold a fishing rod or a shovel.
Snowy March!

This was fun to design and sew!
Oct. 2012
Nov. 2012

Dec. 2012
March 2012

special frosty!
Easter bunny Frosty
spring Frosty

Canada Day Frosty
Jester Frosty –September

March 2011 Frosty
October, 2013
Merry month of May!
February Frosty


Bill Nicholls said...

What a great idea, a new costume for all occasions.

retriever said...

Very very lovely work, love the colors also, greeting from Belgium

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You really are crafty! I like May.

Kay said...

Good gracious! I am so impressed! I absolutely LOVE your different Frostys. You deserve an A+ for craftsmanship and creativity.

Hilary said...

Oh you are so creative. What fun. I'd be right alongside your neighbours enjoying Frosty's ever-changing wardrobe.

Christine said...

They are all so cute, and fun! Very creative.

Red said...

You've had a lot o fun with this figure. Your imagination has adapted him to many costumes. I'm sure you've provided much pleasure to those who go by and see this guy. I'm sure the grandkids like Grandma's place just because of Mr. Dressup.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Love your decorated Frosty, very whimsical