Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Gramma Camp – Week 19

JB went to town for supplies for the week. He found some pigeons!

I went to our village to grab some supplies, it was slow going. I wasn't in a hurry. The snowplow was doing the cross sections on each street, the truck in front of me was turning right (but couldn't), then the school bus came along. It pays to be patient, and retired.

Grampa has a new coat.

In the yard, our doe and twins. [If you'd like to see the video.]

Here we go, again! Caitlin brought the girls on Saturday. We had some fun. Lasagna and salad for dinner. Cookies for dessert.

We visited, watched TV, and had a good time. We're having the girls for the week. I used the camera timer, as per Isabelle's request!

A sharp corner around the brick in the basement, an elbow bo-bo. She was fine! "It was my own fault!"

Later, Jos and I played Skip-Bo, then there was much cat-mushies!

The girls played a game Sunday. Jos had a book Izzy was reading next: Keeper Of The Lost Cities Legacy. Jos hid the book, a 'really stupid cliff hanger,' until Izzy gave up.  In plain sight, in the bookshelf. I suggested that'd be a good place to look. It was behind another book... As I write this, 24 hours later, Izzy is up to page 233 of 789! (This morning, she's on page 300!)

If a certain someone finds grampa's lost calculator, she wants Skittles. (Of all the things I've lost...)


Google Meet begins again!  All went well. 

There is always time to mush cats, though.

Monday, in the pouring rain, I timed Isabelle on her twice round the house run. (60 sec., as it was wet and slippy). She's a trooper! It's the wrong camera setting, it didn't focus, but it is evidence.

I tried to make an appointment for a haircut. The first available time was Jan. 9th. I trimmed the back and sides myself.

Next, it was a movie we'd taped: Kong: Skull Island. It was a full day! 

It rained all day, 21 mm. More is on the way. The system is going counter clockwise. 


Tom said...

...what a bo-bo!

Nancy J said...

That new jacket, is it down? Looks very warm, I have 2 early presents, a down vest and a jacket, promising not to wear them before the 25th!!! At 50% off, just had to go shopping last Friday.Your road looks so slippery, do you have winter tyres?

RedPat said...

You will have a fun week ahead! The doe & fawns would like to move in with you.

Christine said...

Uh oh on the boo boo!
Jan 9th! That is ridiculous.

William Kendall said...

The deer look quite at ease.

The Furry Gnome said...

Just wait til you get this snow! Glad you've got the girls back to keep you busy for another week.