Sunday, 22 November 2020

Hostage exchange

Friday afternoon, school complete, we drove off for our hostage exchange. Jos had a bit more work to do, but we wanted to get off and home before dark. That is the end of week 20! 
Everyone has their pagan lights up for Festivus!

It was a bit tricky driving. We were parked at the light in Perth, and this old couple just walked in front of the car. Usually, if you jaywalk, you make eye contact with driver. The crosswalk wasn't all that far away. JB didn't see them as he was watching for the light to change. Citiots come to town, and all hell breaks loose! They'd just been shopping at the 'antique' store. They didn't bother to check for oncoming traffic. They stood in front of our car until the coast was clear. As if driving wasn't already tricky enough! I'd have honked at them, but JB is too polite!

As we stopped at the 4-way stop, a patient transport vehicle went by. Good thing we didn't run the old farts over!

The white car whipped out in front of us, as did the pedestrian behind it. 

Here they are, Caitlin juggling pickups, and work responsibilities. It was a great week with the girls. We waved goodbye madly, "Love you!"
The sunset was lovely.
JB loves trains, and there was a long one. As he said, it's good to see the goods moving across the country. 

The new private medical clinic is coming along. There are some complaints, as they are charging for parking. In Perth! I think our current rates are 50 cents an hour? I've been watching them build it. 

Saturday, I washed the hardwood floors, and did sheets, as well as my laundry. This time, I let the air out of their mattress, as last time I did not, and I think a cat made a hole in it. Hooray for duct tape.

There is a storm on the way this afternoon. We'll have to get some gas for the snowblower. 

JB is out doing groceries for us. 


Anvilcloud said...

When I see the kind of the stupidity that you have posted about, it reaffirms my belief that humans are not that highly evolved.

Tom said...

...the weekly hand off.

Nancy J said...

You must have arrived home just before dark, and how silly can some old people be? Hope they made it safely back to their home. Love your sunset colours.

RedPat said...

We have a slushy mix here. You get to relax a bit next week.

DUTA said...

JB is right for loving trains, and for believing "it's good to see the goods moving across the country".

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Quite a thrilling drive-- more like running an obstacle course!

Lowcarb team member said...

That was a beautiful sunset, wonderful colours.

All the best Jan