Friday, 30 October 2020

School in a time of COVID – Wednesday

 Here we are, halfway through the week already. I am sleeping better, as I am working harder, I think. We woke up to snow, but just a light dusting.  It melted.

Isabelle and Josephine managed to get up, after I cajoled, poked and prodded. Josephine had breakfast, but Iz wasn't hungry. Instead, I suggested she take some snacks with her to school! She read her book until school started. She ate her apple at her desk, and I trundled down some dried cranberries. A special UberEats delivery!

Once the girls are 'in school,' I go downstairs for a workout. That works out very well! The first hour is usually calm. 

Drama queen!

Grampa went into town for supplies. He phoned at 11:00 o'clock, break time, and asked if we wanted Subway sandwiches. Josephine declined, but Isabelle and I put in our orders, once Grampa got the pencil going. Josee had her butter chicken soup. Isabelle had begun heating her soup, and said she'd leave it until afternoon snacktime.

JB arrived home at 11:30, with a COVID non-mask story. A guy two customers in front of him in Subway wasn't wearing his mask. Someone else arrived behind Grampa, and Grampa explained loudly that he was standing 12' back of him until the dude put on his mask. The covidiot pulled it up, overhearing the conversation, but not up over his nose. Everyone else were wearing masks properly.

Anyway, Isabelle inhaled her ham sandwich, with fixin's, just in time for school to resume at 11:45.

Quite a morning, TWO dead voles on the deck. 

Most of their prey are rodents, a few snakes and frogs. The green on the graph, birds, but 4 of the 15 birds they caught over the year were released.

Grampa brought these for Jos, who needs them for a science experiment due Friday.

After cleaning up the bile and gall bladder on the front deck, cats were confined to barracks. 
They fought, objecting to being in the dog house.

We had a doe visit most of the morning!

Jos began her science experiment. Gummi Bears in the bubbly drink, vinegar, sugar, salt and plain water solutions.

Isabelle did her house run, 2 x's around, 55 seconds. 

Cinnamon from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

She finished her schoolwork by 4. Jos had a video to produce, which took her until 5 p.m.! She's been multiplying fractions, as well. 

Salad and lasagna for dinner, pie and ice cream for dessert. The lasagna JB bought at Coutt's, and it was great. Another great day.


Tom said...

...someone looks sleepy!

RedPat said...

It all sounds so busy!

Nancy J said...

You and JB are wonders, and as long as you keep safe, wear a mask, keep your distance, ( ages ago when I was at the outside queue, one man was too close, I said to the lady in front that if we both stretched out our arms, our fingers should not touch... the man got the message and moved further back). That was going on the old way to measure fabric, nose to outstretched fingertip was one yard, or 36 inches, not quite the metre or two they want us to be. Love your school routine, you all are troopers of the highest degree.

William Kendall said...

The cats look like they're having fun sparring.

Lowcarb team member said...

It certainly sounds a full on day!
Pleased everything went well.

All the best Jan