Thursday, 8 October 2020

Nutmeg goes to the vet

I've held off on this record, hoping things would turn out. We took her into the vet last week, took her home last Friday, but took her back in Monday. That is the short version!
She's a wee cat, much smaller than her brother, and 1 year 4 months old. 

Wed., Sept. 30


JB took her into the vet. Meggie hasn't eaten, we don't think, since a couple days ago, Monday. In the usual morning fooferaw, where cats gather in the kitchen, it was only Cinnamon. Nutmeg wasn't interested in food. That was unusual. She doesn't eat much, but she does get excited over food in the morning.

She has congestion, and a fever. They are keeping her overnight, and giving her an anti-inflammatory. She is not constipated, and her bladder is working. 

She slept most of Wednesday until her 2:20 appointment. 

Meggie and Tiberius

They gave her an oral antibiotic, due to the fever. They worried if she had an abscess, but that wasn't the case. She's on fluids, on an anti-inflammatory for GI tract, drugs to bring down fever, bloodwork for feline leukemia (FeVL). She's eaten kibble, but isn't inclined to have wet food. Daisy never did, either. It gets liquid into her, but what can you do?! 

Her fever was 40+ C., but there is nothing wrong with her digestive system. The vets phone in the morning, check in for the day, and then phone at the end of the day to explain the plan.  

They wanted to do bloodwork as baseline, just in case. Whattheheck, it's only money. 

Oct. 1

She is still on subcutaneous fluids ($45), and medications by injections ($37). Doing well overnight, picking at her food, which is what she does, they are pleased with her progress. She looks 'dull' and dehydrated, but her temperature is normal, and her digestive system is working. The X-ray ($135) was fine, which is good. Last time (May 2nd) she had bones in her intestine.

They'll keep her overnight on on fluids.

Oct. 2

Our morning phone call: her fever is down, and the bloodwork ($199) unremarkable. The white blood cells are low, indicating that maybe she's fighting something viral. There are no cats around us for miles, so who knows where this is from. No major concerns, and she is still nibbling kibble. It's not FeLV, after the blood work report, and that is good news. She'll come home with a couple of medications ($36), after the high fever. There is another medicine to coat the upper GI tract, as her esophagus was sore, and she was gagging some. 
The meds on the left, twice a day on an empty stomach (3 days). The other one with her meal. She doesn't really like it, I have force it down. It's not pretty! 

She is still exhibiting signs of a sore throat. She seems happy to be home and wants out, which isn't going to happen!

JB brought her home, although it was tricky, as it was raining, the parking lot was full (lots of sick pets?), and they brought her out to him, once they found him at the car. The bill was $558, and it just gives one the sense of what human healthcare really costs and how grateful we are to live in Canada.

Saturday, Oct 3

She is on to us. The first meds have to be given on an empty stomach, and she is avoiding us. It's a bit of a juggle. Then, an hour later, we feed her and force the second medication into her. She drinks the first few squirts, but then stops. She shook her head and got it on me. Another day to go. She is happier, and wants out, which is forbidden. 

She spent some time bird watching, which kept her amused.
Cat TV!

Sunday, Oct. 4

She is much, much better. We're still wrestling with her with the medications, but we're getting them into her. (Who knew that was going to fall apart this afternoon!)
As I wrote, she disappeared in the afternoon, and missed her night time meds.
Oct. 4th was the Feast Day of St. Francis, patron saint of animals. sigh. We are doing our best. She disappeared around 2:30 in the afternoon. JB lifted the food overnight, in order to give her the meds on an empty stomach in the morning.

Monday, Oct. 5, Garbage Day

JB was up early, well up 'regularly' all night, and kept looking for Meggie. I was up at 6:30. We'd lifted the food overnight, as she's to have medication #1 on an empty stomach. 
JB took out the garbage, and went to his 7:30 physiotherapy appointment.
I finished my coffee and took the snake scope, to look under the bed. Nothing. It's the last place where I thought she'd be hiding, between springs and the frame undercover. Nothing.

With a dental appointment in the morning, I figured we ought to leave food out, at least. The dentist had a cancellation, so I took it.

8:25 a.m. – I gazed down the hall, and there she was. Sitting on the top step to the basement, swallowing uncomfortably. She must be parched. I set a dish of water out for her, and she went down 3 more steps. She just doesn't want those meds!

8:45 a.m.  – JB returned from physio and groceries, and she heard the garage door and disappeared, again. She was downstairs, JB brought her upstairs, and we gave her meds #2. We gave up on med. #1, the empty stomach one. She is still tired and has gone back to bed. 
Off we went to my 11:00 a.m. dental cleaning. JB shopped, I grimaced.

Once home, we had lunch, and she is still lethargic. I don't know if she has a fever. 
3:00 p.m.  – I phoned the vet, and Brianne said to bring her on in for a contactless visit. They took her in from the parking lot, and I returned home. She will do an IV overnight to boost her fluids. Meggie doesn't drink much. What a relief to get her into their care. Stubborn little twit!

Brianne checked her after their clients quieted down, and phoned us at home at 5:40, and said they would do subcutaneous fluids ($45), as that worked last time, rather than an IV. Temperature is 39.4, elevated but not as high as last time. Her hydration better than last time. She's got kibble, and wondering if she is fighting a viral issues. 
We'll see how things go overnight. 

Tuesday, Oct. 6

She still looks 'dull,' they told me, Brianne phoned, but Meg ate an L-Lysine chew, which are an Immune and Respiratory Support supplement. A borderline temperature, and a dose of anti-inflammatory (Metacam – $90). Keep monitoring over the day. We're to call after 4 p.m., and it's good she is eating. They put probiotics on her crunchies, which will help her belly. They are wondering about it being something viral, still. 

I phoned, and she seems better. We'll wait for the Wednesday morning report. Perhaps we should isolate her in the bedroom, in the dog crate, which will make her more easily accessible.
Cinnamon is pretty upset being indoors more than usual, what with the 📹Fisher outside, down in the wetland. We've been keeping Cinn busy with play.

Wednesday, Oct. 7

8:15 – Brianne phoned, Nutmeg still has a bit of a fever, but looks brighter, and has used the litter box.
Dr. Brianne changed her antibiotic (Amoxicillin pills – $20.72), and continue on with the probiotic (Fortiflora $9:45). Eating kibble well. OptixCare L-Lysine chews ($20.60), Viral Supplement. Cerenia, at $21.99, as well as pill pockets in which to hide the Amoxicillin. Some samples of the canned food she seemed to like.
JB went in and brought her and her loot home. 
The bill was less than last week ($348) ! 

She is really flighty, although she went to the door, wanting out. I think I need to make a chart, Jean, like yours and JB's, to keep it all straight.

It's going to be interesting getting these drugs into her. The wine is for me, of course. 
Cinnamon was happy to see her. So happy, he was harassing the goldfish. 

7:00 a.m. Thursday

It's a cold one. It's going to get colder, however, and we're down to single digits.

JB went to shave, and Nutmeg went in with her. When he was done, he carried her to me. I shoved the Amoxicillin pill down her throat and squirted the Metacam down her throat. Then, gave her the L-Lysine chewy. She does appear better, out and about, watching the birds from the doorway. If she is reluctant to be out and about for her meds, we'll have to crate her.
Wish us luck! 


Tom said...

...they are like having children!

Olga said...

What a trial for all.

Karen said...

oh gosh, what a headache. Do you suppose she ate something off when she was outdoors?

Linda said...

Just5 like kids, and it is such a chore getting medicine in them

Nancy J said...

Liquid meds are OK here for any one of our cats, but the tablets are such a problem. The costs, they add up so quickly, I wish they could find something, anything, is the change in your weather anything to do with this?? Like looking for a star in daylight I guess. Keep hoping, and smile at the garden, the sky, and remember all our love is flying to you right now.XXXXX p.s. I have a list too, as my meds have been upped and added to last week.

RedPat said...

I'm glad that this post ended on a good outcome. I've been down a similar road with one of my dogs and it is so stressful since they can't really tell you how they are feeling and you just keep the credit card going and hoping for the best. It really sounds like she is feeling better now. Good luck to you all.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
... have they tested for COVID? I kid you not. There have been some cases... From the Brit Vet Ass..."From the small number of cases it appears that dogs do not show symptoms, but cats can show clinical signs of the disease."... continuing POTP for Nutmeg. YAM xx

William Kendall said...

Poor girl!

Kathy G said...

I can certainly tell how much she means to you!

Anvilcloud said...

It partly depends on the cat's age, but I am not sure if I could put both Lacey and me though the stress of forcing pills down her gibbet. She isn't fond of handling to begin with.

Jenn Jilks said...

That's funny, Yam. Maybe if we were in the city. We have limited cases here in Lanark!

I rather think it was something she ate, I don't really know Jean!

Kay said...

Nutmeg is so very lucky to have you taking care of her!