Monday 12 October 2020

New antenna in rural Ontario

 Our internet has been a bit wonky. Also, we have a limit, which in times of COVID isn't any fun. We are this far along, Sept. 19th.

Part of the frustration is I load up some things, then have to start all over again as the signal is lost.

I noticed that there were new plans on the Xplornet website. This I had to explore on a different browser, without signing in as a customer. After a long conversation with someone, he tried to pull up our usage, but couldn't. He passed me on to a technician, who checked our speed. It's not great. The deal is, if we cannot get a better signal, we can't get a better, faster upgrade. 

Sept. 18

They sent us Antennapros, but I didn't get a business card. He took my email address, but messed it up.  My last name seems to confuse people.

Friday, Sept. 25

After a week, not hearing from them, I tried to figure out who had phoned. The name of the company didn't come up. I figured it out, they sent an invoice, and I paid half of the cost. 

They ordered the new extensions and guide wires Friday, and emailed Friday, Oct. 2nd saying the parts were in, could they come Thursday.

Here is the before!

Thursday, Oct. 8

This was the day. I had no idea when they would arrive, but work began mid afternoon. 

Ladders everywhere!

They took the top off, added the extensions, and put the topper and post back on!

They laid three guy wires. One on a tree, the other two on the roof. 

Ta da! We have lift off. 


Tom said...

...that should do the trick.

Linda said...

We had similar problems and we got switched to the LTE5, which gives unlimited access. I can see why you would need the extender with all the trees.

Rain said...

I hope you get a better connection. Alex and I couldn't live on only 100 gigs a month, thankfully we can get Bell and unlimited, even though it's pretty slow at times.

Nancy J said...

Phew, that is tall, hope you get great reception now.

Olga said...

I have good internet service and would be lost and frustrated with something unreliable now (spoiled). Well, good luch and I hope you get spoied too.

Anvilcloud said...

What a hassle. I hope this helps a lot.

Christine said...

sounds like you need a better plan, hope the reception is better now.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wow! You’ll be internetting up a storm now! .... The colors in your header shot are spectacular.

Kay said...

Oh wow! That's awesome! I sure hope we don't have a problem with our Internet. That would drive me nuts.

William Kendall said...

It seems it went smoothly.