Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Another trip to the city: cataracts VI

Blogging has been interesting, post-surgery, which was last Friday, July 24. I have three sets of drops to take 2 - 4 times a day. The prednisone, especially, makes things somewhat blurry, temporarily. I couldn't read my chart the first day. 

The trick I learned is to cross off the small circles BEFORE putting in the drops! 

The 2nd day, post-surgery, it was clearer. Hooray for the laptop, as I can enlarge print.  

Hooray for JB, as well. He's been amazing. He did my laundry Tuesday.

BTW I certainly had a drug to relax me, Jean! I was pretty stressed. It is the weirdest surgery, as you are awake, sort of not believing your eyes. I kept trying not to think about it. The staff were very kind. I wanted both done at the same time, as my corrective lenses would be weird, and I don't think I could face another surgery. Also, all my surgeon's surgical dates were cancelled for August. (I don't know why.) He fit me in.

I'm still getting headaches from grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw. A stress habit I must break!

Monday, July 27th

It was  a follow up visit to my eye surgeon. I have another in two weeks. Then in six weeks, I must visit my local optometrist to check that all is still well.

I grabbed a shot of our 'lawn', as we left the house. The flowering weeds are doing well, despite the heat. It was 33 C. all day. We've Queen Anne's Lace, the clover has pretty much died. The daisies, as well.

The wetland is happy with our recent rains.

Town was busier than it has been.

We listened to the news and weather. Ottawa had a storm warning. It looked dark.

There was the only a bit of rain, along Perth Rd.

OK, funny seeing a giant blow-up pool toy! Jurassic Park, or something.

I've always liked this bear. I hadn't noticed the fine job they did on the cedar!

Of course, construction.

I love the clouds, you can see where it was raining, near Twin Elm.

We took a different route. New buildings! (New to us!) I think they are snazzy. Barrhaven is really booming.

Arrived at 2:50 p.m.

We made it to iCare, up above Shoppers. We'd given it 90 minutes to travel, which was good. 

OK, funny scenes while we sat in the waiting room. The poor staff are running around, finding chairs 6' apart. They are letting spouses in, now. There were a couple of older, frail seniors, and people gave up seats for them. JB gave up his chair for someone else, too. Staff ran around wiping down the arms of the chair after each person got up.

There was one couple... despite all the signage, "Please do not use your cell phones!" she was on her phone listening to YouTube videos. The man had his face mask UNDER his nose. Then, despite all these protocols, his mask slipped and wasn't covering his face and mouth at all. We were far enough away, though. 
The dude in the office looked like this.
This guy was on the news in Barcelona.

I had a great check up. My vision is officially 20/20 in 2020! We were so grateful that the doctor fit us in for surgery. After two weeks I'll be able to lift again. In the meantime, JB is doing what he can.

Homeward Bound 4 p.m.

We began talking about what we had to do about the house. I have laundry that needs doing. In 'normal' times, I do my own, JB does his own. He said he could manage mine, with some direction.
Next, we have some frozen dinners in the freezer. I can cook, too, he said, just as a truck with "Friendly Fires🔥" whizzed by. I snorted. He likes his meat well done!

The skies were lovely. It poured rain just before we made it to Ottawa. There were more clouds on the way. When I arrived home, I checked the radar. The clouds were going northeast.
They are lovely to watch.

The river is low this year. 

This is rain falling. The roads were soaked. At home, nothing!

The joke is Canada has bugs, snow and construction. We are in construction season. We pulled around the curve and saw a long line-up.

I glanced out the back, rear window, and saw a rainbow! JB lowered the window for me, and grabbed proof.

Have you been tested yet? The US is still restrictive in who can get a test, unless you have money, you are a politician, or are on a sports team. Our clinics are doing pretty well with testing. It is so important.

We turned left, to go south on Drummond, and there was a problem. You can see the guy's back on the left. He'd lost some pieces of wood off of his truck.  That's Schedule 43, insecure load, with a fine of $130. 

I've always liked this swing, under the arbour, and they've put up a sign.

The flowers are blooming nicely in Perth.

Happily home 5:15

I washed my new reading glasses. We'd popped into Shoppers Drug Store before leaving the mall. The sign asked us not to handle the reading glasses unless necessary. I had to! Trying the 1.75, I tried the 1.5, and found no difference. I took the 1.5. They work well. It's been a journey!


It's been a journey...

Cataract surgery: non-progress report from July 2019 to February, 2020. COVID–19 shut it all down.
Cataracts II – July 7, 2020 a referral.
Cataracts III – July 17, 2020 a consult with a private clinic.
Cataracts PART IV – Pre-op visit July 20
Cataracts PART V – Post-op visit


Tom said...

...the drops can be a pain, but hang in there brighter days are coming.

The Furry Gnome said...

Excellent! A great result!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Things are definitely looking brighter...(awww Yaaaaammm)... xx

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

You are doing well. Continue what you are doing

Red said...

I think it would be rather creepy to have eye surgery.

Nancy J said...

And kind of sedative is good, they called the one they gave Hugh, " Jungle Juice" mine went in unnoticed and I wasn't told, but guessed what it was. You are doing SO well, another 2 weeks and this will definitely be a life changer. Love the drive descriptions, there and home again, not bending over is a bit trying, try to remember!!!! LOL, always.XXXX

Olga said...

20/20 in 2020 -- something good comes out of the year then.