Tuesday 2 June 2020

To the dump, to the dump

I read a newspaper article: Perth landfill sees triple the number of visits during quarantine period

...on a normal day, there would be between 45 and 60 visits a day to the landfill. But during this coronavirus pandemic, he is seeing about 190 visits a day.

I think we'll be in that category! I cleaned old pots out of the shed. This is my progress.

JB was going into town for the new hummingbird feeder, and saw a truck with ads on it. This man takes stuff to the dump. I've cleaned the garage, swept out the bird seed.  It took me awhile, as I needed breaks. Happily, JB swept up and collected my mess outside the garage.

The umbrella stand in the corner was busted. It's in the dump pile. I found a new one, by putting the garage garden tools in an empty garbage can. Then used this stand the previous house owner made. (He's a carpenter.) I painted it with leftover stain, and swept out the corner. The orchid cactus looks good there!

Honeysuckle are in bloom.

Later, in August, this will happen!

I like honeysuckle. We have been watching some BBC shows, Foyle's War was one. Honeysuckle Weeks, a British actor, often acts in them. She was named for the honeysuckle that was blooming when she was first born.

JB helped me put up my new flags. I've had trouble with my blister on my instep. I can't wear any of my shoes! My boots worked, though. And a thick bandage. The heart flag is made of flags from around the world, with the word PEACE in the centre.

Traffic incidents are increasing, as people begin to move about.

I wondered about this critter, then realized that it's a raccoon missing part of its tail.

Butch from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Just for fun, spring nesting season is just begun and the trailcam captured robins getting frisky!

robins from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Tom said...

...we are all going to the dump! I love Foyle's War, it is shown here, but I've been watching Father Brown. Those are great flags!!!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
... folk were able to go to the dump during lockdown??? Ours were only reopening as of yesterday and even the regular kerb uplift service was limited... YAM xx

Nancy J said...

We took a whole trailer load once it was opened again, garden rubbish, tins, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, it accumulated over 6 weeks!!! Wonderful to find a truck that will collect and get rid of it.Well done to be so organised.XXX

Olga said...

It's been a good time to tackle neglected projects around the home if nothing else.

Anvilcloud said...

You certainly accomlpish a lot.

I know Foyle and Honeysuckle. Occasionally I see her on other programs, but I can't remember which.

Linda said...

We;ve had 1 free bag of garbage a week since this pandemic took over, so lots going out each week. Usually I would't put it out as I'm too cheap to pay the bag tag fee. We have also made several runs to the landfill, and yes they are particularly busy on the weekends, but Monday is a great day to go.