Thursday, 9 April 2020

GRAMMA CAMP – Week 4.2

Wednesday's Report

Grampa up coughing at 7 a.m., I was coughing at 12 and 3 a.m.. SIGH. JB was supposed to have his cancer treatment Thursday, but since he has a cough they won't let him go get it. It's a quarterly event. We can't get tested, since Ontario is short on the swabs for the nasal test. They are limiting tests to people who are at risk, who have traveled and have symptoms, as well as healthcare staff.

Grampa went into the special grocery store, where we'd pre-ordered and they'd picked up some items for us. He has supplements to help him manage the symptoms of his treatments.

Our COVID-19 counts are rising. It's interesting that Quebec has 10,000 cases, while Ontario has 5000. I think it boils down to physical distancing.

Here in south eastern Ontario our long-term care and retirement homes are petri dishes, with PSWs traveling home-to-home. This is nothing new.

April 8, 2020 – Leeds Grenville Lanark Health Unit reports 123 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 8 total deaths in daily report

  • Community cases = 47 (38%) 
  • Long-term care resident cases = 45 (37%) 
  • Healthcare worker cases = 31 (25%) 
  • 8 deaths (7 long-term care, 1 community) 
  • 6 current COVID-19 related outbreaks in long-term care facilities

It's getting harder to get the girls to sleep! They chat, have fun. SOMETIMES, I'll tell them lights out, I'll leave the room, and a light goes back on! I told them, this ain't my first rodeo! Busted!

Both girls were upstairs after I flicked the basement lights, and they had bagels on the front porch. Jos was doing schoolwork there, too.

This missed us, but there were thunderstorms around the Great Lakes. This truly isn't March weather.

Momma phoned us, and tightened the reins. With my cataracts, I'm having trouble reading their wee iPads. I set Iz up on my laptop, at Momma's suggestion, and that worked out. We sat at the kitchen table and got going. 

It's an interesting platform, Google Classroom. Isabelle and I waded in and were successful. I cannot imagine how parents, who have to work from home, will manage. I have my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Technology, and still it's frustrating. You can read assignments, ask private questions, and hand in assignments. It has autocorrect, which helps with French accents. Momma can check and see how much time they were online on various platforms.

I checked on Josephine. Jos sat at the student desk. These are antique desks, which I thought of selling at one point.
Jos listened to, and wrote a dictée. After she was done she took a photo of her work to prove she'd done it. Both girls are in French Immersion.

Isabelle and I moved to math, which was wordy, and a bit difficult. My special education students always had trouble with it all. We did half and switched to a math game, assigned by the teacher.

We are fortunate that we have wifi and they both have iPads. Of course, many do not. 
The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) has identified 4,700 students who are in need of a computer and 2,500 who lack stable Wi-Fi. 
Jobs done, out they went to play.

I went to the garden.  Do you remember where Maggie deer was grazing? I chased her off. Just a wee bunch of tulips. All gone! I had covered it in a evergreen branch. She cleverly remembered and came back in the night.

She left me my crocus.

My helpers exchanged the memory cards and checked the battery levels. All was good. 

At dinner I told that them some old lady appeared on the trailcam!
That caused some pause for thought, until they made the connection!

We had leftovers, and our regular afternoon movie. Grampa and I tried to chill. It's tough. 
We did two showers, and one virtual Girl Guide meeting (she had a great time!). Bedtime reading.

All the best. 


Tom said...

...without a computer and decent internet service these times are even harder.

Anvilcloud said...

They seem to be well supervised wrt their studies.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
While it must be a lovely distraction to the have the girls, there is no doubt that for we oldies, that youthful vigour can become a bit wearing after a few days! I am off for an arvo siesta very shortly. You might think to do the same? YAM xx

Christine said...

Sorry to hear hubby can't get his treatment.

Nancy J said...

Jenn, you and JB re doing SO well, and if you do get tried,,NO, that should be " Tired".... explain, and I am sure the girls will both understand. Lights out, guess that's their way of trying to be older than they really are, and throwing a little curve ball your way. But now, all those years teaching will be your mainstay. Our grand-daughter is doing first year BSC, at home, University halls are closed, online lectures, and she said compared to the real thing in a lecture room, with other students, it is really hard. The overseas students want refunds on their fees, as they say they are not getting what they paid for. 5.30 a.m. or so, only 6. Celsius outside, time to find the down duvet and get the merino tops out but through the day still fairly warm.You two are literally life savers, right now, along with many others, hang on in, and at the end, a huge purple rosette for each of you.

RedPat said...

It is always a treat to heart about your daily adventures! I hope the coughs ease up for you.

Red said...

The quarantine challenges everybody. It's tough on the kids even though they say they are doing OK.