Saturday, 4 January 2020


Thursday, Jan. 2nd

Things are hopping in the house. You can see Annabelle up in her caterpillar. Cinnamon has been quite busy, and popped up for a visit. Cinn changed his mind.

What we have figured out, is that the kittens must be older than we suspected. Perhaps 8 months. Nutmeg is in heat. Cinnamon is grooming her, then grabs her neck, and then... well, 'nuff said! He's been up all hours in the night, then they fight. We are quite relieved that it's just hormones, not some evil plan to drive us nuts. (Not a long drive, not even a short putt!)

We were afraid that Annabelle was instigating things, but she's not. She comes to break up the 'fight.'

We had them booked to be 'doctored,' as my client calls it, but not until Feb. 12th. I explained the problem to them at the vet. Now, we have an earlier appointment, Jan. 14th.

We are boarding Cinnamon, to take the pressure off of all of us. We were up at 2 and 4 and 6 a.m. this Thursday morning, while Cinnamon answers the call to his nature. He was locked in the bedroom, but she was upset he was upset. Annabelle was chasing them, too. You get the noisy picture.

We locked her into the office, her favourite spot to sit and sleep is on top of the dresser. She peed on JB's office chair. sigh. She sleeps, bird watches, does kitten things.

It'll be about $200+ for boarding, but we spent $1000 trying to calm Buster down, then $1500 on Dorah. I forget how much on Daisy. sigh. These danged rescue cats!

They sleep calmly, then things get weird. The grooming, then he grabs her neck and climbs on top. I finally figured it all out.

We stopped on the way home from dropping him off for take-out chicken and pizza, just to give us a break. We found twin bucks at the pumpkins.

Friday, Jan. 3rd

Another early morning like the previous one, only Nutmeg peed on JB's chair, again, when she was locked in the office. She mrrppps away, and calls, grooms herself. She has to be in heat, although I don't remember having a non-spayed cat.

Annabelle spent the night chasing Nutmeg under the bed. Poor JB. I'd taking sleeping meds and didn't hear a thing. We have a plan B, and popped Annabelle into the cat hotel with Cinnamon. This boarding will cost us $470. I also asked them to do a grooming for Annabelle.

That was a lovely, peaceful solution. Cinnamon has relaxed the most. He was shaking when I dropped him off on Thursday, but better Friday. Annabelle likes him. She will be good company.

At home, Friday afternoon, Nutmeg has begun to relax some, and came out from under the bed where she cowered most of the night, away from Annie. She snuggled with JB.

Friday night she spent on our bed, slept there all night!


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Anvilcloud said...

I hope that the operation does the job and produces good behaviour.

eileeninmd said...


I hope things work out with the cats. I am not sure I could take any animal peeing on the furniture. You do love your kitties. Cute photos of JB snuggling with the cat. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, I appreciate your visit and comment.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Despite a lifelong commitment to wildlife I have never had the urge to have domestic pets and when I see those bills I think perhaps it was a wise decision. And they are not peeing on my furniture either!

Tom said...

...what exciting times!

Jenn Jilks said...

I'm not sure it was urine, it didn't smell. She's stopped since we boarded the other cats!

It's a fairly common issue with cats, too. It's part of being in heat, the vet told us. (We asked for a handout on the topic!) We've never had a cat in heat. As I told my first accountant husband, "It's only money!" We don't need a vacation, anyway. We live in paradise.

Anu said...

I hope that everything with cats will go fine. The cats are cute.
Happy New Year!

Nancy J said...

These strays, I need to get a photo of our latest arrival, he has settled in as though he always lived here. Boris ignores him mostly. Your wee cats, it's hard to tell their age, but sooner than later for any spaying for neutering might be better for you all. And now with just one at home you will get some good nights' sleeps. Cold here this morning, I'm back in winter gear, this is our summer!!! p.s. the new boy is " MOXY" and we think he is a Burmese, at least a good part of him. That meow and his colouring.

Karen said...

Having multiple cats will break us or drive us crazy! My daughter's have calmed down since grandson took his male out of the female colony. Hers were all spayed thank goodness.
My two older females can be snarky. If they both want the same thing or the same space the fight is on. I've taken to locking the older of the two in the bedroom with me at night. The other cat has started scratching the door frame. She doesn't scratch anywhere else so I figure we can replace that piece of wood easily. I've wrapped the newel posts on the stair way in cardboard, so she abandoned that idea.

Kay said...

Oh wow! It’s so expensive to have pets. How do you clean pee from an office chair? Gosh I hope it was a leather chair.

Kay said...

By the way, JB looks so peaceful.

carol l mckenna said...

Your devotion to your fur persons is incredible and do hope the situation improves and that JB and you will get some respite ~

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

William Kendall said...

Hopefully it's all resolved shortly.