Sunday, 1 December 2019

Shopping online

Poor JB is still fighting this cold. I'm on the upturn. I'm happy for the Internet to keep me amused.

I saw some lovely pieces in this auction: Online Auction <= the archive. I got all excited. There were some things that intrigued me.

It's interesting software. You place your bid, and can include an 'up to' price. The software automatically raises your bid until it reaches your max. They were lovely pieces. I saw the people picking up the Grandfather clock. It was gorgeous.

I narrowed down my 'watch' items. I thought that our local animal rescue could use the bath towels.

I lost the bid for the bear. I think it ended up at $200. I had my eye on it. I figured I couldn't lift it, or figure out how to get it, and the bedroom furniture, home. I gave up. JB quite liked it, too! He's fond of bears. While deciding to bid or not, I go looking for the pieces to get a sense of how much they are new. I couldn't find the bear anywhere. It's a resin Design Toscana piece, quite big. It looks just like lamp we have.

Off I went Saturday morning. I had an address, and  plugged it into Gillian GPS: Online Auction 1351 County Rd 2, Maitland Ontario. What a wonderful drive! JB wasn't well enough to go, besides, I didn't think there was room.

I didn't stop to take photos, although I screen-captured these from Google on CR 2. Amazing places, overlooking the St. Lawrence. Not cheap, either.

It was just over an hour to get there, 75 km. I stopped at Motts Mills, just to see what it was like.

I took a straight route, following GIllian GPS. I went through Brockville.

Normally, you pick items up in North Augusta, where the auction house is. This time, we had to drive to the house. It was packed with people and cars. I parked up top, and checked in. Happy people, with treasures. The house itself was crawling with staff, which was great. They'd laid cardboard down, so as not to dirty the carpets. They had their laptops there, and accessed my lot items. They took off the top of my dresser, which meant it fit better in the car.

journey from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

When I arrived home, I looked up the house. It has sold, the listing down. (The realtor has taken the listing down, but:  Web cache, $799,000) There was an assistive seat on the toilet and in the shower, indicating things didn't end well for the residents. It is poignant.

I saw some lovely pieces heading out the door. Beautiful pieces that will be looked after by the buyers, I am sure.
I took a different route home.

My pieces are the perfect colour for our room. Someone had lovingly painted my pieces. They have dovetailed drawers. There are drawer liners in it, too. Nutmeg approves.

What a lovely home on the St. Lawrence!


Nancy J said...

What a beautiful home, and it would have been lived in by the current owners for many years I think. Sad to leave, how life changes as we get older.. AGING.. not what I want to call it ,Beautiful furniture, and I,too, think every piece will be a treasure. Had hoped you would both be well and truly better by now. Still mess and drop sheets everywhere here.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
A gal can dream, right?! YAM xx

Powell River Books said...

It's a bad time for colds and flu already. We got our shots back in September and so far, so good. But the Navy Base Security Officer in front of me at the Deli Counter at the Commissary was coughing away. I stood back, but germs do get around. I caught a cold at the end of our last winter RV trip. No fun at all. - Margy

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hope your hubby is feeling better What a fun little adventure. It’s definitely hard to get bored now in the days of Internet amusements. The auction is something I’ve never tried, but how very clever and you scored some great pieces. Yes, those sales can be sad though when you see the reason for the sell off. But better fir the things to have good homes! I

William Kendall said...

Alas on the bear.