Thursday, 28 November 2019

Annabelle, et al

We are feeling wretched. My sinusitis and bronchitis is better, but I cannot talk much. Headaches from coughing are the worst. JB's is getting worse. We have hunkered down for several days, living off a roast chicken JB brought home last Saturday, as well as frozen dinners. I was feeling better and managed spaghetti on Tuesday. We cancelled our volunteer work for the week. Neither of us have had colds in a couple of years. We're taking it easy.

We're having fun watching the kittens. We're still making progress with them. The three cats were in the living room, watching TV with us. Well, I was throwing kitty treats and they were all in the same room. (Approximations of the behaviour!)

Adopting kittens has livened Annabelle. She's been going outside more often. She will spontaneously run down the hall, or play with a toy. Not bad for her. We took her in, rescued from a barn, in January, 2015. They estimated she was two, at that point, they took her in at the vet in Nov., 2014. She is about 7 years old, now. An adult cat. On diet food. But that kitten food smells so much better!

She has surprised us, by catching two voles in two days. And eating the whole thing. When we are healthy, we'll have to go to the vet and get some deworming pills! 

The weather: ⛈NOVEMBER⛄

It was quite the storm. The winds weren't as bad as they predicted from this Colorado Low. There was about 11 mm rain. It's wrecked a lot of American's Thanksgiving plans, where the snow fell.

Traffic Incidents

Look at the spike in the last weeks.


Karen said...

We seem to be avoiding the worst of this weather, thank goodness. We have Algonquin Park right to the west of us, where the prevailing winds blow in, which apparently offers some protection. Sunday is looking pretty iffy though.

Annabelle is such a sweet looking girl.

DUTA said...

With the nasty weather in your country, colds are no surprise. I suppose you've got all the necessary items to help you deal with it. Feel better soon!

Nancy J said...

The weather looks grim, and your health ditto!! Annabelle looks so loving, and I'm sure she will love the two new ones very soon. Meantime, down here, chaos, as the walls are painted, ceilings done, furniture all piled into the middle and covered over!!!

William Kendall said...

It sounds like Annabelle is enjoying the novelty of her new playmates.

carol l mckenna said...

Annabelle is awesome ~ she seems to be doing well with the new kittens ~

Hope you both are feeling better and weather seems to be erratic everywhere ~ We are tired of rain and wind in New England but grateful it is not that awful white stuff ~

Be cozy, healthy and warm,

Happy Moments to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Anvilcloud said...

You guys are really going through it. Hopefully, you will rally soon and be bright and cheery for the season.

Kay said...

Annabelle is such a beautiful cat. I’m so sorry you are both so ill. I always got sick in fall and spring when we lived in Illinois.