Wednesday 4 September 2019

Book Review: Under Cold STone

 Vicki Delany...
I found her books a wonderful escape. Do you recognize the site of the cover? I did.

It's been a fun series. I really like the Molly Smith and Winters pair. You do have to begin at the first book. I enjoy a series as we have insights into various characters along the way. I like going to bed and reading about what feels like old friends!

The setting is wonderful, having visited B.C. to see the grandkids, as well as Alberta. I've been to some of the highlights. Banff, Alberta, as well.

They are a great read, best read in order.

The book takes place in an invented town, Trafalgar, B.C. but she takes us along on some actual hikes, like Johnston Canyon, where we hiked![Canmore and Johnston Canyon, ALberta]

It is published by the Poison Pen Group. The editing is less than perfect. That irritates me. Silly errors, that slow the reader down. I am a fast reader!

 We've come a long way since 1610. There is no excuse for errata anymore! It irks me no end, slows my thought processes and breaks the flow of my reading. Someone on Twitter thought to post this. Sadly, it seems as if things are getting worse wince Scarron (1610 - 1660) printed this in his book!

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Lucy said...

It sounds like a good series. Thanks for reviewing.

Beautiful pictures!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Those photos certainly entice. I have been to Vancouver but that is all.

Barrie said...

Thank you for letting us know we should read this series in order. And thank you for including your own photos of the setting. I actually read an excerpt of this mystery and really enjoyed the back-and-forth between characters. Have added to my TBR list. Thanks for reviewing, Jenn!

Phyllis Wheeler said...

Beautiful photos! I hope I get there some day!

Red said...

I'm not a fast reader or a particularly good reader but i read a lot. I read Sir Walter Scot's Ivanhoe this winter. I didn't really get much of it until the end.

William Kendall said...

Thanks for pointing it out.

Powell River Books said...

I'll look this series up. Love books set in places I know. - Margy

Sarah Laurence said...

What a gorgeous setting for a hike an a book! Sloppy editing bugs me as well.