Wednesday, 21 August 2019

What we're up to...

Hooper likes the new end table. It's not a great shot with my phone, but you get the picture!

Meantime, Annabelle found a new place to rest, on top of Muffin Muncher, my puppet.

I found a moth the other day, and while I was checking on it in the dark, I spotted a beautiful spider web, lit by the motion sensor light.

I do not know what Annabelle was doing... on top of Hooper's winter house.

My pumpkin harvest is going to be limited to one cooking pumpkin! The beach balls are to deter the deer!

He's a night owl.


Olga said...

Cats certainly do know how to make themselves comfortable.

eileeninmd said...


Cure kitties, I like the shot of Annabelle, she has pretty eyes. Wishing you a great day!

William Kendall said...

Cats know the value of a good snooze, and are specialists at falling into deep sleep instantly.

Cloudia said...