Sunday, 21 July 2019

Almonte Hydro Dam

This has been an amazing project. You can see the development through my page here. I've watched it for years, they began working on the notion of the project in 2012. There was some controversy, Almonte Hydro Dam Progress. It's all up and running.

There are signs, showing the history of the railway bridge!

The rock is so interesting, as well as the architecture behind the dam.

Above, condos, below a restaurant.

The Mississippi River is a tributary of the Ottawa River. In 1910, they formed the Mississippi River Improvement Company (MRIC). The used to set levy tolls for users of the river: 17 businesses including flour, feed, textile and saw mills, as well as  a few hydro generating stations. By the 1980s, there were only four users. The rivers were major transportation routes in the good ol' days. During the early days of Perth, farmers were responsible for maintaining rough roads bordering their land.


Anvilcloud said...

It looks like it is ready for a photo visit sometime.

William Kendall said...

The waterfalls are pretty.