Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Soccer, then Basketball!

We are not arm chair coaches. We do follow sports.

Monday afternoon, June 10th: women's soccer! Canada vs. Cameroon. They won. Yippee.

I've been to my fair share of soccer games.  Caitlin played for a long time, all through school, even through university, and when she had had kids.


Then, there was basketball. We stayed up late to watch. It was quite the game with the last minute lasting a long time. We were on the edge of our seats.

I had a chat with my daughter, I told her we were watching the games. Also, that we were turning into my parents! My parents were avid sports nuts, at the time that they couldn't possibly play sports.

Basketball was fun. Staying up late, midnight for us, was quite the deal. Fortunately, we can nap! In fact, basketball was invented by a Canadian. I've not watched it much, but with satellite TV, and lots of time, it has been entertaining, if nail biting. 

This is a tribute to James Naismith in Almonte, where he was born. Everyone loves the statue.

Naismith was born on November 6, 1861, in AlmonteCanada West (now part of Mississippi Mills, Ontario, Canada) to Scottish immigrants.[6]  Wikipedia
James Naismith was a Canadian physical educator, physician, Christian chaplain, sports coach, and innovator. He invented the game of basketball at age 30 in 1891. He wrote the original basketball rule book and founded the University of Kansas basketball program.

The Toronto parade was amazing!

What an event to bring the city together. The parade was delayed 3 hours, the crowds were so deep. It was a beautiful parade of people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, creeds and colours. They estimate more than a million people!

Plant guy, that was a story. He wants Leonard to stay with the Raptors! Plant Guy finally gave him a small potted plant during the 'parade.'


Nancy J said...

Canada won, 2-0, well deserved. I watch Tennis, almost every match I can stay up to see, wish I could be at a live match, the atmosphere must be amazing. Enjoy it all Jenn, and JB, after all,if it is all night on TV, we can have a day time nap.

William Kendall said...

Including the Naismith sculpture is quite appropriate to this post. I hope things keep going well for the women's soccer team.

Anvilcloud said...

What a crowd, eh?

Christine said...

I just watched a great CBC video of the parade highlights, loved the fly by.

Angie said...

Jenn - congratulations on the Toronto win! My husband followed the games closely, because he would like anyone other than Golden State to win! We were living in Cleveland when the Cavaliers beat Golden State for the NBA championship in 2016, and so I can relate to the nailbiting followed by the sheer joy!

Kay said...

Our son and Art always place a $1 bet on these games. Art was for the Raptors and is $1 richer.