Sunday, 16 June 2019

Happy Father's Day!

Those who play the role of a parent have a high calling, whether they are a birth parent or step-parent. JB has done this role very well. He's been an amazing grandpa, too. This post is for him.

Grampa Joe, the things you do,
You make us laugh, we're never blue
You make magic, joy, surprises
The fun it comes in many sizes
Trips for shopping, fun, and prizes

With kindness you treat all you know
In your light we all do glow
Close Eyes is your bestest magic
Hunting treasures in sites pelagic
You seldom find us feeling tragic

Wild critters do adore you
Feed us, please, they much implore you
Deer and turkeys beg for more
Feed us well, they will implore
I fed you once, he says, I swore

Roles he has, personal assistant,
Groceries done, he is insistent
If its on the list he'll find it
Ding-ding noodles, he'll get behind it
Searching lots yet he won't mind it

My dad, he'd feed him, poor old gent
Brian, he knew, was heaven sent
While dad's illness was horrific
JB to him was most terrific
Caring acts were most prolific

Cancer didn't make him low
Out of him the love did flow
Positive has been his reaction
Negative won't get any traction
Enjoy each day has been his maxim


65 visits for healthcare!
Muskoka tradition is that grandparents entertain the kids. We babysat, while the kids were on a Wenonah boat cruise, and explained that Mummy & PaPa were at a PARTY! We practiced the concept. She was so happy to celebrate the event. Aug. 2009


Anvilcloud said...

You've done well with both verse and photos. All the best to JB today.

eileeninmd said...

Happy Father's Day to your husband! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy week ahead.

Olga said...

What a lovely tribute!

DUTA said...

"A Man for all Seasons" - Happy Father Day to J.B!
Well deserved poem-tribute!

Nancy J said...

The best tribute for JB, the words, then a selection of truly super photos. Have a wonderful day up north, there will be snow in the far south, our fire is lit at 6 a.m. XXX

William Kendall said...

A wonderful tribute!

Susan Pryke said...

Aww, what a nice tribute to your guy. Love the pictures.