Friday, 19 April 2019

River walkies in CP

We had to go to Carleton Place Wed., April 17th, to pick up some health supplements. Two cats looked pretty happy being outside, and not particularly sad to see us go!

First stop, Canadian Tire for new rain boots. You'll recall mine have sprouted a hole. This numbnut parked right in the middle of the two-lane entrance/exit to check his bike in the back. We were on our way in, and he blocked the exit.

Hubby suggested we go for a walk, Mississippi Riverwalk Park. I asked Anvilcloud, who lives in CP, and  he said the boardwalk, the best part of the walk was flooded. Ah well.

We favour the long walk by the water plant. It's up pretty high, but the sign was a bad sign! We've visited several times. [Busy day for errands.

Cold water, dogs barking across the river, it didn't bother the buffleheads.

The boardwalk is flooded. The path goes all away around (you can see where the bridge is on the map). My new rain boots were in the car, but I refrained!!!

In this little bay, there are two geese. One is tucked into the log. She ducked when people and dogs came by!

I saw this guy going the other way, as we were leaving. Even so, I forgot he was behind us and I screamed as I spotted him out the corner of my eye coming back. Since my troubles, my startle reflex is pretty quick to raise its ugly head.

Appleton, on the way to Almonte

Almonte, where we had lunch. As we were leaving town, we saw that they are making another movie here!

Creeks are full

Home via Tennyson Rd. The lake is pretty high. There are flood warnings everywhere. Big Rideau isn't thawed yet, either.

Port Elmsley

On the way home, we heard the spring peepers!


Anvilcloud said...

I'm glad that you had a dry path. I wonder how much rising there will be today?

Karen said...

The situation is starting to look pretty dire everywhere! Our local Facebook page has lots of new warnings posted every time I look at it. We might go over the hill and look at the river later. The highway usually closes back of us every spring.

Gaelyn said...

Sure is pretty. Guess you didn't buy hip boots.

Christine said...

Thanks for today's spring outing!

Nancy J said...

New gumboots, they are always a delight to wear for that first time. Looks like a lot of water everywhere. So good the cats are out in the sunshine.

Red said...

Beautiful spring weather ans scenery.

Nora said...

oh I liked your journey today....hope you are having a wonderful Spring. :)

William Kendall said...

Given all the rain, those levels will keep rising.