Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Time flies when you're having fun

Where did the weekend go? We did some Facetime with the grandies in Vancouver. I made Bryony laugh!

I visited on Facetime with our other grandies, in Ottawa, as well. They went to Winterlude, all the way across the river in Gatineau. They did a zip line. I could so do that, but it's 2 hours into the city, and crowds give me the heebee jeebies!
The first photo is Josee (blue pants). The second one is Izzy (lime green pants). What a beautiful day, albeit -20 C. or so! You just have to dress for it.  Papa did a video, and I captured screen images. I live vicariously through the kidlets...
Winterlude Zip Line from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The weekend over, Monday, that was a day. I've been learning more about our new smartphone and our plan. It's a learning curve. It's been a battle to add hubby to the plan. Dealing with businesses, its driving me nuts.

Non-dairy cheese

I've found a wonderful product. It's almond 'cheese', although they cannot call it cheese,  and comes in a variety of flavours. I found that one package had some mould on it. I sent an email to the company, and they asked for the lot #, as well as the location of the store where we bought it. The person explained that the product should be frozen at the store, until they want to put it out for sale. They will send me a refund, too!

Winter Storm

We shall see what happens, but they are predicting Snowmageddon. Hubby was expecting friends for lunch Tuesday, while I was at my client's house. His friends cancelled. I ended up washing floors and doing carpets anyway. For posterity, I suppose.
With the impending snow storm (25 - 40 cm!) , JB went into town to finish off errands prior to said storm. Gas for the snowblower. Returning library books, getting new books.

I watered some plants. He brought home some lovely tulips.

Also, he was heading back into town, and I sent him into the 2nd hand store to pick me up a Valentine's Day present! It's filled with silk flowers, 45 years old, and I'm going to make a fairy garden with real flowers, the terrarium is filled with silk ones. I need a new project. I wonder if Hooper will get into it?!

They were looking at something in the basement, I know not what.

I've been working on small jobs in the house. I was all set for this one. Just a minor issue: I cannot find the piece of material I'd found to use on it. (Don't tell the kids!)

I spotted big Jake without his antlers, and decided to go for a snowshoe, prior to our storm, to see if I could find an antler. Sadly, their territory is far too large. It was a good hour of exercise, however, in crunchy, knee-deep snow. They predict snow, ice pellets and, then, rain. I hope just snow. That I can manage.

Here is Jake showing off a couple of years ago, just teasing me with one antler left! I never found the other.
Jake; archive photo
I was up late (according to cats) and they were jumping on us in bed. After they were duly fed... I looked out back. Today, Tuesday is to bring a major storm. "Red sky in the morning is a sailor's warning!"

This is our volunteer day: hubby dispatching Meals on Wheels, me visiting, and giving respite. We'll see how all that works out.


DUTA said...

Your Briony lightens up everything including your post.

Anvilcloud said...

I don't suppose conditions will be too bad until mid-afternoon. I was a little surprised when buses were cancelled. We shall see.

Christine said...

The zip line looks fun. Interesting about the almond faux cheese.

Karen said...

I hope you and hubby get home before it gets too serious.
Do you suppose the coyotes grab the antlers for a nice light snack?
Almost 10AM and no sign of the mess here as yet, though my sis reports it has started in Peterborough. I'd really like to go outdoors and maybe haul in another load of firewood but it's still -20.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
If you have gone ootanaboot, you be safe on those roads, y'hear?! YAM xx

William Kendall said...

The snow has started in the city about an hour ago. I went over to Jacques Cartier Park before the weekend and photographed the snow playground.

Red said...

I drink almond milk. I'd never go back to cow's milk.

Kathy G said...

You sound like you're ready for anything Mother Nature sends your way.

Nancy J said...

I, too, live in other places through all the blog posts, and I can so imagine being there. What a fantastic zip line. Down here, they have some in the forests. Take care if the storm arrives. Valentine's Day, Hooray, we both have a regular doctor's visit,. but might have a lunch at a café afterwards. XXX ( Live vicariously, love that phrase!!!)