Sunday, 2 December 2018

Hooper walkies, trailcam tales

Hooper and I went for a walk. This was Nov. 28th, after the lovely snowstorm. This morning, Dec. 2nd, we had freezing rain, which is much worse for walking and driving. The snow is pretty, and it's good exercise to shovel!

Anyway, Hooper and I had walkies.
You can see the green grasses on the edge of the wetland. The temperatures have really hovered above and below zero.

The frogpond is filling nicely. It was bone dry at the end of the summer. This bodes well for the hibernating frogs, bullfrog tadpoles, and salamanders, etc.

Hooper doesn't mind the snow, but then, something caught his attention. When we'd left the house, there are a half dozen turkeys and a couple of deer at the feeder. They ran down to the meadow. 

When we made it down to the meadow, he could see the wild turkeys down in the wetland. He was on full attention.

Hooper and I checked out the deer scrape. I could tell there was quite a bit of action. Lots of hoof tracks.

Hooper checked out the interesting smells. The bucks scrape away at it and leave their scent.

I've been watching the deer scrape. It's rutting season and there are things going on in the forest! I put the photos together into a video, just for a nice sequence.

Hooper and I brought the images up to the computer and I made a video of them. It was fascinating, with the buck 'refreshing' the scrape, the coyote wandering by, and the young bucks, and then a doe checking out the smells. Isn't he a handsome fellow, our big buck? He nudges the branches above, to leave his scent there. They have scent glands on their faces, as well as their 'knees' and such.


Christine said...

Lovely in early winter there!

krishna said...

Already that much snow!! Wow!

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William Kendall said...

Those turkeys are too big for Hooper to tackle!

Anvilcloud said...

You're never far from good winter photo ops at your place.

DUTA said...

I like ponds and puddles. I don't like to go out in cold weather except walking to the supermarket for a bit of shopping. It's quite a 'walkie' - 50 minutes both ways.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

All this snow is just a tad too early for my liking. We will be driving to Ottawa to visit my daughter on Friday so we are hoping for clear roads.