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Meg Wolitzer

"Now a major motion picture!" I was intrigued, as I enjoy Glenn Close. If she took the gig, I thought, it has to be a good book (or plot or...) It was a fabulous book.  It is really well-written, and as I read, I'd forget I was reading a book. The movie in my mind was whirring away.

I won't retell the plot, the publisher does a good job with that:
Joan and Joe remain complements after nearly 40 years of marriage. Where Joe is casual, Joan is elegant. Where Joe is vain, Joan is self-effacing. And where Joe enjoys his very public role as the great American novelist, Joan pours her considerable intellect, grace, charm and diplomacy into the private role of a great man's wife. As Joe is about to be awarded the Nobel Prize for his acclaimed and prolific body of work, Joan starts to think about the shared compromises, secrets and betrayals.
It was brutally written, a brilliant, witty take on sexual politics over the span of the novel, as the tale unfolds. It is humorous, bitter-sweet,  honest and real. A succinct 219 pages, it is probably just right for a movie, although one would miss some of the thoughtful commentary on life as a wife.
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I watched the movie, Mar. 2nd. Not as powerful as the book, but well done.

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Barrie said...

I saw the preview for the movie, it looked great. The book is in my TBR pile, so I was curious to read your review. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thank you for reviewing!

Stacy said...

That sounds great. I really loved The Female Persuasion, so I've been meaning to read some of her other books.

William Kendall said...

This one I've heard of, but hadn't known it was based on a book.

Powell River Books said...

Just getting caught up with my Book Club posts. You sure write a lot each week. How do you keep up with it all? Wayne went with a friend to see the movie version of The Wife and said it was excellent. I was in the midst of some medical stuff so I was stuck at home. - Margy

Sarah Laurence said...

That does sound good! Thanks for telling me about the movie too.