Sunday 30 December 2018

Back home, safe and sound!

Dec. 25th we went into the city.Christmas Day in YOW It was fun. My Birthday Bash the 26th was amazeballs.
Our hotel room. Farewell. On the 27th we packed,

popped over to the house, and had a last visit. Jess and family were off to Montreal for a few days. They leave this morning to go back to Vancouver. Bryony will be crawling soon!

Dec. 27

For the third day in a row, Bryony and I were wearing the same colours!

Daisy was still in the cat hotel. Plan A was to take her in for 5 days, then, plan B was for a full week (their holiday minimum). Plan C is to leave her there for 2 weeks. We still haven't made progress, or a decision. We discussed picking Daisy up early (Thursday, Dec. 27th) on our way home. The cat hotel offered to open, even though they'd been closed for Christmas, due to the freezing rain we anticipated on Friday. We went to plan C.

Happily, she is taking her pills. Cassandra is a whiz. They post photos of the cats on their webpage. Good to know she is doing OK.


I'd picked up the SD cards on our way into the city, and processed them at the hotel. The coyote was startled by the light!

Bambi isn't so shy around the camera.

 A fox!

I like the sign. It's for a new development. "No trespassing" with coyote tracks in the snow!

At home, I filled the bird feeders, collected the SD cards from the trailcams, unpacked, did the litter boxes, cleaned the fish tanks, and I was all caught up!
The deer have been nibbling on my garden! It's been pretty cold.

All our snow is gone in the past few days.


Olga said...

It sounded like a very happy holiday and a welcome home when you got back.

DUTA said...

Bryony looks such a friendly baby! She's adorable in your arms!
You were at a hotel, and so was Daisy (still is). That might do her a lot of good.It's what we humans call 'change of scenery'.

Anvilcloud said...

You had a great time, but I'm sure it's nice to be home too.

Nancy J said...

Looks mighty cold to me!!! What a fab birthday, the little ones are adorable.

Christine said...

Welcome home, always nice.

William Kendall said...

You certainly kept busy over the holidays.

Red said...

We have a good time when we go away but when we come home we have lots of work to do.