Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Trailcam tales

Going down to fetch the SD cards from the trailcam is the extent of my adventures this week. I'm still wheezy and coughing. I stayed home, away from my client. She doesn't need my cold! Hubby has been a brick. I had a lamb-burger for dinner, yesterday. Hooray O'Reilly's Pub take out! He is out every morning for a 5:30 a.m. walk. I find it hard being a patient patient, but I just have to learn. I'm trying not to perseverate on the news, as well. Some of it is horrific.

Trailcam placements

I keep moving my cameras around. Sometimes it's better when they get used to it. The bears just saunter by. The coyotes aren't so calm and cool. The deer do selfies, as they associate us with safety and food.

Firstly, I've moved trailcam #1 down to the meadow. (It was in the backyard!) This satellite image shows our 100m driveway. There are several paths between the house and the meadow, as well as between the frog pond and the meadow. The trail narrows, however, between the frog pond and wetland, this is a great spot to capture wildlife on the move. They don't want to go near the highway.

Trailcam #1

It's not the best quality camera, in the night. You can see that it is perfectly adequate for the daytime. It's not as quick, either, just getting bear's rear end, again.

Trailcam #2

Well, move on down to trailcam #2... beside the frog pond. The deer like their selfies. On the left (west-ish) is the wetland, on the right (east-ish), the frog pond. The camera faces south-ish.

Butch and the rabbits are common visitors. Rabbit moved too quickly for the camera this time.

Then, Junior Bear, again. My daughter said he's getting big, but they won't wear name tags and I cannot tell if this is the same bear several times, or another bear, or not!
Now, Junior bear, as we've named them, is perfectly safe. They prowl around the forest, run along the shoreline of the swamp, patrolling for food, and likely head for the dump a bit further north.

 Nothing like this California bear! Ours has refrained from going in my kiddie pool!



Anvilcloud said...

It would be fun if one used your pool, but then the pool probably wouldn't survive.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Love your trail cam shots... such a privilege to view private lives! YAM xx

Nancy J said...

So sad they do not have name tags!! Love the one in the pool, and get better.. apart from the meals provided, not much fun, or were they so worth some days of coughing and more?

Red said...

Nice satellite view of your place. Get rid of that damn cold.

William Kendall said...

The bears must think their hindquarters are their best side.

That is one content bear in the tub. I wonder what he thought of the margarita.