Monday, 21 May 2018

I love spring!

We love that we can get our syrup, from trees across the street. Down the highway, they grow asparagus, as well as other things, and there is  a sheep farm! 

I went out onto the front porch early in the morning. There was a rabbit.
Bunny freezes. Daisy thinks she can creep up on it. Hooper was at my feet, he didn't even try.
Daisy & the bunny from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

My photos have been both sad and happy. JB spotted a raptor taking a duck away for lunch. This is all that remains, feathers on the pond.

 The pond is an amazing ecosystem. I miss my lake, but this has given me such pleasure.

I decorated in honour of the UK, thanks to hubby bringing me home a cap and flag. Yup, I know there are pros and cons to the monarchy, but what a ceremony: joy, love, celebration, and an amazing choir.


Anvilcloud said...

Maybe if she didn't swish her tail so much. :)

Powell River Books said...

We've been away for a week watching women's softball in Washington State. I am excited to see what my garden has been doing in my absence. I have almost everything planted by seed or seedlings I purchased in town. I need to get thinning the kale and lettuce. I'm so heavy handed with seeds. - Margy

William Kendall said...

It doesn't help that she's swishing her tail.

They do a 21 gun salute to Victoria on Parliament Hill. I photographed it this time out and plan to post it next year.