Monday 21 May 2018

Hubby went out, I played at home!

There was a big Bluegrass festival last Friday. They began setting up on Tuesday, when I drove by. Lots of campers. 

Eastern Ontario Bluegrass Festival

Off he went. I wasn't in the mood. Apparently, they moved it from the main building to the barn, which leaks. It was pouring rain. Also, people were to supply their own chairs. He sat in a chair, just borrowing it until its owner returned.

I stayed home and did walkies, too. I spotted some fungus.

I fetched the trailcam photos. Daisy, wild turkeys, a pair of juvie males, Butch raccoon, and a porcupine!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I counted the goldfish. We are down to 5, from 6.

I don't know if this is related, but there was a garter snake in the goldfish pond. Daisy and I watched it, then encouraged it to take off. Last year, they were picking off the froggies one-by-one. We only have one froggie in the pond!

Fred groundhog has been showing up in the afternoons.

The bleeding hearts are blooming under Bob V.
Then, there is the jack-in-the-pulpit. We drove to Native and rare plants, back in 2015 to pick these up. I'm happy to see them. I'd forgotten about them!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
On balance, I'd favour the walkies too! YAM xx

Anvilcloud said...

That's the problem with outdoor festivals -- rain and carrying your own chairs.

Powell River Books said...

Having a day home alone is always fun. You can do anything you want. You have a groundhog, how cool. - Margy

Nancy J said...

Jack in the Pulpit, do you have the green and purple varieties? Looking very spring like there. Bluegrass, I could listen all day.

DUTA said...

That's how it is with festivals, and with a lot of other things: you've seen one , you've seen them all.

Red said...

Too bad the blue grass show was in such a poor venue. Bring your own chair? What were they thinking?

William Kendall said...

The turkeys are big!