Thursday, 26 April 2018

Grandmothering in four parts

Sunday, April 22nd

1. On Sunday, April 22nd, we were blessed with granddaughter #4 in Vancouver, Bryony has a little sister, Cluny, who will be 3 next month. We hope to visit them soon!

2. We need to laud the act of grandmothering, since there are so many ageists out there who use our names in vain, e.g., "It isn't your gramma's ______ ," whilst they disparage us, to sell something.

I didn't think it was very difficult to be a gramma, but then I have a degree in Early Childhood Education, and spent 25 years teaching. We develop routines, and have a schedule of crafts, outdoor play, and afternoon videos, most days!

My faithful readers know how much I love being a grandmother! We take the eldest two, Josee (10) and Izzy (8), for a week at a time and have so much fun.

Before we moved closer, we would do Facetime a lot to keep in touch. It really helps. Now, we do this with Cluny, out west.

We've written books together, made up stories "Gramma Stories" about Nebuchadnezzar, their imaginary flying horse.

Grandparenting is a blast! We have a grand time here in cottage country. We meet a lot of grandparents, who similarly take the grandies for a week or two in the summer. We are living longer, and have the energy to do this.

3. Grandmothering, by Linda Eyre, was sent to me for review. I thought this a perfect book for me to review. The chapter titles are quite varied and include ideas I hadn't thought about from the point of view of a Gramma.

NewImageEyre hits on a lot of good points, giving advice only when asked, having empathy, and balancing our lives in our senior years. She writes about the importance of holding your tongue. Our childrearing days are over. I've raised my kids to be adults, and set them free. I keep my focus on concern for my adult children, and let them raise their children as they see fit. It is a new generation, with new traditions and values. This is part of Eyre's message.

Ch. 1: Our Journey
Ch. 2: When Things Go Wrong
Ch. 3: The Importance of  Strong Family Culture
Ch. 4: Adding In-Laws and Babies
Ch. 5: The Secret Ingredient That Gives Your Grandchildren Grit
Ch. 6: Grammie Camps and Fun Small Groups
Ch. 7: One-on-One Adventure
Ch. 8: What About YOU?
Ch. 9: The Entitlement Problem
Ch. 10: Times to Remember and the Joy of Reunions
Appendix: Recipes for a Crowd

Also, a good read, lest we get too comfortable, part of Eyre's message is looking to the wider community. She and her husband, and her 9 children, have done a lot of volunteer work around the world. That is an interesting part of her story. She highlights the group Just Serve, for USA volunteer opportunities. Another part of her story is her strong Christianity.

They came up with an idea:
How about we "give" our Christmas to someone who needs it more than we do?  How about we go build some homes for people who need them in Mexico?  (Through an awesome organization called FAMILIES HELPING FAMILIES.)
Her children and grandchildren are quite involved in volunteer work, as well.
Max the gift of giving and goodbye to Rising Star and Mission Accomplished.
Ashton: One Heart Bulgaria – Hope, Life, Future for Orphans

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4. There are a lot of grandmothers, of people of a certain age, like myself, our generation is doing a lot of good. Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign is one such group. This is The Stephen Lewis Foundation, whose work on behalf of the grannies in Africa, who are caring for grandchildren orphaned by AIDS.

 Powered by Love: A Grandmothers' Movement to End AIDS in Africa, is another good read. It is a fundraiser, as well.

Raging Grannies International » Herstory

The Raging Grannies began in 1987 in Victoria, British Columbia, and quickly spread across the country. White, middle-class, educated, between the age of 52 and 67, they were anthropologist, teachers, businesswoman, counsellor, artists, homemakers, and librarian.  
Abstract: In this paper, I look at the first group of the Canadian phenomenon of
the Raging Grannies, their history, and their use of imaginative protests and
satirical songs in their efforts to capture public attention, challenge authorities,
and educate on various issues. I also briefly consider some of their impact.


DUTA said...

Congratulations on the birth of Cluny! May her parents and greatparents derive great satisfaction from her growing up and gradually turning into a lovely girl and adult!

William Kendall said...

Congratulations on the new little one!

Nancy J said...

A beautiful wee girl, Bryony will bring another huge lot of joy to your days. Those photos say so much, the delight, laughter, and real joy you have together. Grandparenthood is a wonderful degree to achieve

Anvilcloud said...

You are exemplary in what you do with the kids.

Red said...

I'm really out of the loop. I didn't know there were books on grand mothering!

Karen said...

Congratulations on the new arrival!

Olga said...

So sweet! Lucky you to have a baby in the family -- it's such a brief and precious time. Lucky little one to be joining in the grandma-time fun to come.

Lowcarb team member said...

Many congratulations ...
It is so lovely to be a Grandma, I thoroughly enjoy it!

I really enjoyed seeing your photographs, and reading about the book.

All the best Jan

Barrie said...

Congratulations! Also, I think this book sounds brilliant. Thank you for reviewing!

Lucy said...

Sounds like a good book. Thanks for reviewing. And congratulations. :)