Friday, 27 April 2018

Deer, gray lags, crocus, sumacs

We've had a couple of days of rain, about 20 mm, and the forests are dripping. I went down to the pond, through the forest. There, under the tree, is a frowsy looking deer. Wisely hunkered down under the branches of an evergreen. It's a thin one, with a wonky leg.

There is more action in the night. I keep meaning to go out at dusk and look for it, but the porcupine has been working on the tree bark. This is an area they used to mow. I stopped that when we moved in in 2010. It is a field of sumac, although the deer are quite fond of it, too.
In the forefront of the photo is one of the sumac trees that has grown to 6' tall. I think the porcupine climbed it and broke it! It's gotten a couple more down. Little twerp, and the deer have eaten the buds that the porcupine has kindly made available to them.

The little sumac trees are coming along. I'm hoping they grow another foot or two this year. We'll see. The apple trees, the two I'd plantedI planted two apple trees, Sept., 2015], have been trimmed, too!

Off I went to volunteer. I was a bit early, and took a detour. These gray lags thought I might feed them, or that I needed a telling off! You can see the rain falling in the puddles.

The bulbs are struggling. After sitting with my client on Thursday, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and the bulbs near the house opened up again.

Now, here is another funny tale. I wanted to wash the kitchen floor, but first swept up the paint flaking off the back of the garage door. It is a heavy metal door, which they painted. Somehow, the paint flakes are sticky, and I had trouble sweeping it. Then, I thought I'd scrape off the bubbling flakes, to get a bit ahead of it. Twenty minutes later, arms sore, I did most of it! I thought I'd quit before I lost the energy to actually wash the floor. I tried to sweep up the mess, lifting the carpet, paint stuck to my feet. It was everywhere. Anyway, happily the floor is clean, and I have another project to finish for another day!


William Kendall said...

Those little flowers are starting to show themselves in town as well.

DUTA said...

Fruit trees is good to have on your property; not just apple trees. Fruit is the best, healthiest food on planet, but sadly, it could sometimes be expensive.

Anvilcloud said...

Life is returning. An insect flew into my face already.

Nancy J said...

Bare branches, 2 chairs, and what looks like a spade, waiting for some handy digging in the garden. Bulbs coming up, a good sign of warmer days,Down here, I bought 3 more packets of tulip bulbs, and now have daffs, freesias, gladioli and more to plant, need to get new mix for all the pots first.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Love the paint story -- it started out so simple ;>).....

Beautiful crocus (croci?) peeping up there... lovely Spring!!!

The mallards in your header shot are spectacular. What a great photo.

Lowcarb team member said...

Those crocus look so nice, beautiful colours.

All the best Jan

Red said...