Sunday, 15 April 2018

Earth Week: April 15 => 22nd, 2018

I always pick garbage from the ditches. If you leave it there, people will assume no one cares, and chuck it out. For the 7 years we've lived here I've gone ditch diving to pick up the filth people dump overboard.
Sometimes I take photos, as I cannot believe the amount of garbage. I don't just do this on Earth Day, but several times a year, when it begins to offend me. As I do it, people wave, or honk, or smile to cheer me on. It's the only time I communicate with neighbours, truthfully.  

Dec. 2017

Sunday, Feb. 28th

I am very upset. I spent a long time cleaning ditches, while the ditches were still frozen, last month . I also found 3 condoms, new, in wrappers. That, and beer cans. Then, four chair legs, from a plastic chair. Two large, broken bottles, and many, many plastic bottles, as well as the ubiquitous junk food containers. Cigarette packages galore.

 There was a whole other bag full from in the ditch, Monday, Mar. 5th. Someone's recycling papers blew all across into the ditch, prior to pick-up today.

I found 4 chair legs. Yes, found them all!

I found 3 condoms. Yes, I use gloves. These were in original packages, and I used my handy stick.

Monday, March 12th

JB went out to place the garbage at the end of the driveway. He found a beer bottle smashed to smithereens. With his bad back, bending is difficult. I went out in my winter coat covering my housecoat, to pick this up. I went over it three times and, with a light snowfall, I'm not sure I got it all.

I cannot let this defeat me, as much as I want to weep at how someone treats us. Two harmless retired old farts.


Yamini MacLean said...

hari OM
this happens everywhere, Jenn - dad's driveway is atrocious - but it has to be said, so is everyone else's along his road. No one is being targeted, it's just idiots being b*******... admittedly he hasn't had chair legs turn up. Knowing him, he'd add them to the pile in the garage for 'might come in handy'... sigh... YAM xx

Olga Hebert said...

I used to live in the country and often my walks were made with work gloves on and two bags--recycles and pure trash. I had to give myself a break from this as I was beginning to hate fellow human beings. Why would anyone think it okay to throw their trash in someone's front yard? Walk along and pick up an entire six pack of empties in a the space of a mile, you have to figure there are too many people driving while intoxicated. There are people in this world who are so incredibly neat that they cannot tolerate a bit of trash to reside in their vehicle until they can find a trash can? Oh, this topics gets my blood pressure up!!

William Kendall said...

People are idiots.

Red said...

I wish more people would pick up garbage. I pick up stuff that blows in the bush.

Anvilcloud said...

So aggravating, and I have to believe that it's almost always youngish males -- although some never grow up.