Thursday, 19 April 2018

Book Review: You Can Have It

I was sent a new cookbook for review. Now, I've had my fair share of cook books, but I like cook books that teach me something. Poor JB, when he went on his two-week cleansing diet, he was at a disadvantage as he didn't know a lot about food prep.

He cannot have dairy, yeast or eggs, which is a challenge for me. There really aren't cook books that address that. There are lots of 'gluten free' or dairy free books, vegan, and the like.

This cook book is great. Recipes were created for those with diabetes, or people who want to cut calories and change their cooking style.

The author, Devin Alexander, a hottie who has been on TV, including Rachel Ray, as well as The Biggest Loser, and this is her 9th book (see below). She has worked with the American Diabetes Association, who sponsored it, and she addresses some of the cooking myths we were taught back in the good old days. (Those of us who were actually taught to cook.) There is nothing better than having a good book in front of you, with detailed instructions, when you go at a new recipe.

The recipes explain how to keep the caloric count smaller, and how to cook food properly. Each recipe has a "Cook's Notes" memo, to add more information,  and to help newbies with attacking the recipe. Some of her website pages are devoted to diabetes, which supports this book, gives all sorts of tips and demonstrations. She has full recipes there, as well.

Three Cheese Spinach Lasagna
Three Cheese Spinach Lasagna
Devin Alexander has a broad range of recipes, the typical gamut from breakfasts, lunches, salads, mains, party foods, desserts and beverages. It is a better approach to preparing your meals.
  • Gingerbread Overnight Oats
  • Waffle Fry BBQ Bites
  • Scrambled Eggs With Sautéed Shrimp
  • Crockpot Chipotle Steak Simmer
  • Bacon Ranch Flatbread Pizza
  • Pulled Chicken Tacos with Papaya Slaw
  • Cheesy Lasagna Rollups
  • Bánh Mì Burger
  • Sweet & Spicy Pomegranate Pork
  • Perfect Pumpkin Pie-lets
  • Watermelon Cupcakes
  • Passionila Cocktail

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    Ella said...

    I think it's a very interesting book !
    I also have diabetes and sometimes it's hard to make the right food without inspiration ... :)

    DUTA said...

    The author looks lovely, and so does the cookbook.
    However, my advice to those who wish to lose weight or have a major health issue (such as diabetics) to keep away from recipes and cookbooks. Things are individual, and the person in question better become his own dietician and nutritionist. He's the one who best knows his body and needs. There's a lot of information online on protein, low-fat, and calories that could help one navigate successfully.

    William Kendall said...

    Good review, and thanks for pointing it out.

    Olga Hebert said...

    Sounds good. I am looking for creative ways to prepare meals that still satisfy. There is a basic need for fuel, but there is also the need for enjoyment at meal time.

    Authors with Advice said...

    We have made a huge lifestyle change to no carbs. This cookbook sounds great!

    Powell River Books said...

    I love to read cookbooks, but seem to fix the same old things all the time. - Margy

    Jenn Jilks said...

    I disagree, Duta. I think we need to be exposed to the theories of cooking, then we can put our own spin on it. This is the same of every profession, including art.
    In my case, I have to remove yeast, dairy and eggs from the food I prepare, for hubby's intolerances. Some do not know how to substitute for high fat products. I really liked the book. It is a teachable moment.