Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Oot and aboot

The weather's been wacky. I know I've said that.
The wetland is VERY wet. The water level is very high. It keeps freezing and thawing. We should have a lovely blanket of snow, protecting the land.

After my walk, Hooper, JB and I stacked some wood. I've figured out it is easier to send it through the window to hubby. JB then puts the wood inside beside the fireplace, where he and the cats have been watching curling.

Hooper was a good little supervisor. He's been going outdoors a bit. He is very fast, and scoots out the door. He knows there are mice in the garage, and tends to come in that door.

Hooper March from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

And our family friend, Beryl. She's an actor who worked with our son back in the day. She's on a TV ad, which is being shown a lot during hubby's curling!

Beryl visited us in Bala!


Christine said...

Sorry to hear about the water levels. Good for Beryl.

Cloudia said...

Enjoy Spring Jenn!

Nancy J said...

I can see Hooper is a big help. Hope the water level isn't a problem later on.

DUTA said...

The logs of wood for the fireplace remind me of my childhood in Romania. Well, I don't miss that kind of heating . In fact, I'm not for any sort of heating in particular. Luckily, our winter is short and mild. During the bad days, I use an electric heater.

William Kendall said...

Hooper is a good assistant!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I like your wood stacking assembly line! Good thinking. We used to burn wood in our Oregon home (the one we sold to travel) ... no other heat kept the cold damp away as well! I loved it. And we'd cut our own in the woods and stack it too .... as the saying goes 'he who cuts his own wood is warm twice." (Now we just sit out in the sunshine here in Florida !)

Red said...

Our weather has been somewhat normal...just very cold.

Kay said...

My friend's sister is named Beryl and I thought it was such an unusual name. Now I find you know someone too. How cool that she is in that ad.

Spring must be coming.